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A Guide to Azure Managed Services: Streamlining Businesses for Maximum Efficiency

Overview of Azure Managed Services

Azure managed services offer businesses a variety of benefits, including automation, scalability, and cost savings. Automation helps reduce manual effort, making it easier to deploy applications quickly.

Azure Managed services also make it possible to scale up or down with ease as needed. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware and upfront costs associated with infrastructure.


Benefits of Streamlining Businesses with Azure

Streamlining businesses with Azure managed services can lead to many benefits, including improved application performance, enhanced security and compliance, increased stability and reliability, and simplified operations.

Improved Application Performance: Streamlining processes with managed services makes it easier for applications to run efficiently and reliably. This helps improve response time and reduces the cost of troubleshooting.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Azure managed services provide comprehensive security and compliance to help businesses meet their regulatory requirements. This helps protect sensitive data and ensure that applications remain secure.

Increased Stability and Reliability: Streamlining processes with managed services helps increase the stability and reliability of applications by eliminating manual effort, reducing downtime, and increasing uptime.

Simplified Operations: Streamlining processes with managed services helps to simplify operations, making maintenance and upgrades easier. This allows you to focus on your customers instead of fire-fighting on day to day tasks.

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Get Started with Azure Managed Services

Getting started with Azure managed services is easy. First, businesses should evaluate their current environment and identify areas that can be optimised using managed services.

A third-party cloud management platform like IG CloudOps can accelerate this process and help you start making savings and security hardening your Azure infrastructure day 1. 

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Security and Compliance Considerations for Cloud Computing

When shifting to managed services, businesses must also consider the security and compliance implications. This includes ensuring that data remains secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. Businesses should use tools such as Azure Security Center or Identity Protection to help protect their applications and data in the cloud. Additionally, they should ensure that their applications are regularly updated to patch known vulnerabilities.

Implementing Automation Tools for Efficiency Gains

Azure Automation is a great tool for businesses to become more efficient. Automation tools allow businesses to automate manual processes, making it easier to deploy applications and scale resources as needed. This helps reduce costs associated with infrastructure and hardware, as well as decrease the time spent on maintenance tasks.

Creating an Effective Monitoring Strategy in the Cloud Environment

Monitoring is a key component of any cloud strategy. Businesses should use tools such as Azure Monitor to keep an eye on their applications and identify areas that need improvement. This helps them to optimise their processes and reduce costs associated with troubleshooting or manual intervention. Additionally, monitoring helps businesses detect security threats early, allowing for quick response times.

IG CloudOps has two levels of monitoring:

  • Basic monitoring - plug and play with Azure and AWS and it reads directly off the native APIs to give a leave of metrics and alerts
  • Enhanced monitoring - Utilising Zabbix as the underlying technology this uses an agent to collect and surface more information about the VM

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Best Practices for Optimising Costs in the Cloud Environment

Businesses can optimise costs in the cloud environment by following best practices such as analysing their usage trends and identifying ways to reduce costs.

With IG CloudOps, businesses can monitor cost trends, track usage patterns, and identify ways to reduce spending. By leveraging IG CloudOps, businesses can become more efficient and save money in the long run.

IG CloudOps helps businesses to simplify operations, improve application performance, and reduce costs associated with infrastructure and hardware. Additionally, it provides insights with quarterly reviews of cost and security including integrated penetration testing.

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