Automate AWS & Azure management

How does IG CloudOps deliver unified cloud management?

IG CloudOps provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your cloud environment and is plug-and-play with AWS and Azure. IG CloudOps integrates leading open-source cloud management tools to give you the functionality you need all in one portal.

IG CloudOps allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure across cloud providers and multiple subscriptions/regions across the globe in one management portal.


Open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. Collection and storage of metrics as time series data with labels.


  • Defined custom metrics with key value pairs
  • Full stack observability for your application metrics
  • Standard plugin for your custom application

"In the last few years, Prometheus has appeared as a bespoke standard for application metrics and monitoring"

Garry Forsyth - Product Director


A leading SecOps IT automation and orchestration toolkit with two critical components Salt Master and the Salt minion can be deployed across any cloud-based infrastructure.


  • Asset inventory - Salt Cloud - integration with the big cloud providers like AWS & Azure
  • Monitoring (Beacons) / Respond (Reactor) - Monitor your cloud and take action when events occur
  • Automate - Automate routine day to day activities
  • Secure - assess vulnerabilities, configuration drift, detect malware and then remediate

"The swiss army knife for VM management and automation"

Sergio Fernandes - Product Development Lead

Pentest Tools

A good pentester can never be replaced by a robot but a robot can make you exponentially more effective. 

Pentest robots combine our tools with your logic for massive productivity gains. Show me the robots.


  • Pentesting automation
  • Quick security assessments 
  • Continuous security monitoring 
  • Attack surface discovery and passive scans 


A leading open-source automation server, Jenkins provides plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project,


  • Continuous integration and delivery - Extensible automation server, used as a simple CI server or continuous delivery hub 
  • Plugins - hundreds of plugins allow you to hook into almost any tool
  • Extensible - plugin architecture provides limitless possibilities 
  • Distributed - Spread workloads across multiple machines 

"Provides the flexibility for workflow scheduling and execution both ad-hoc and planned."

Garry Forsyth - Product Director


Monitor anything - Driving single pane of glass views of your cloud infrastructure in IG CloudOps


  • Network monitoring 
  • Cloud monitoring - Virtual Machine focused 
  • Application monitoring 
  • Service monitoring

Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure native integration

Cloud Integration has been developed specifically for IG CloudOps and talks directly to AWS and Azure APIs, allowing us to connect more securely and provide improved IG CloudOps support for current and future additional Cloud Services as the cloud platforms evolve in the future.


  • Live cost data for your subscriptions as standard - see the impact of changes in real-time taken from the AWS & Azure native APIs
  • Cost analysis supports a wide range of SKUs for example spot Instances
  • Kubernetes clusters / Virtual Machines
AWS Native API integration
Azure Native APIs integration

Kubernetes integration

Full monitoring and management for multiple Kubernetes clusters across multiple AWS & Azure deployments all in one place.  

Kubernetes cluster monitoring, maintenance and cost data:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Track Kubernetes health both live and historic, monitor CPU and memory utilisation of Kubernetes pods
  • Monitoring supported for both managed and unmanaged Kubernetes cluster worker nodes

Native cloud credentials integration

IG CloudOps will access your cloud subscriptions using its own credentials, which are more secure and follows the best practices from both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

This allows us to manage IG CloudOps' credentials securely, rotating access keys more frequently without customer intervention and limiting permissions to only those required.

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