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We help you modernise your application with low or no code changes now and ongoing with our signature "CloudOps platform V3" (If we can't give you a roadmap to AWS within 30 days we work for FREE until we do).

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You’ve probably tried to modernise your application in different ways already. Approaches such as a proof of concept, asking developers to re-work legacy components, getting consultants and contractors on day rates with no guaranteed outcome or found out that the AWS services selected don't match your app, but are not sure what to do about it. 

And you might have seen some mediocre results, but you are still not live or the commercial model does not work. We know how frustrating that is. We’ve been there.

In fact, we have spent over 10 years helping people in that dilemma. It’s infuriating because you know AWS should work for you.

And that is why we created a unique service that blends our AWS experts with our CloudOps platform.

We also hate those other IT contractors and consultancies that promise the world and deliver nothing.

This is why we built CloudOps and we run a long standing tight UK team of seasoned professionals. 

You know that AWS must work for your business, and we’re here to finally help you realise that.

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Learn how to get your app in AWS without wasting time or budget on inefficient deployments

Conducted by an AWS specialist
Viability & roadmap
cost controlIMPLEMENT
Service selection & cost modelling

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We help companies assess the viability of their app modernisation for AWS. We will give you a roadmap within 30 days (guaranteed).

The goal of our process: Is to modernise applications with low or no code changes.


  • Companies in AWS
  • Technology & software companies
  • Founders, CEOs, CTOs
  • Internal IT teams


  • Certified AWS consultants
  • A breakdown of your technical constraints
  • Assessment and AWS service mapping
  • Plug in CloudOps tool (15 mins)
  • Cost modelling saving up to 30%
  • Teams call with AWS consultant

Satisfying end user demand for modern cloud applications.

Utilising CloudOps to monitor and reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

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Modernising a data driven application for cloud efficiency.

Optimising existing infrastructure for cost, performance and resilience.

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About IG CloudOps

IG CloudOps is an Amazon AWS partner delivering unified cloud management via professional services and our cloud management platform. 

In fact, we built CloudOps to scale and repeat our knowledge for all our customers-automating cloud management with plug-and-play technology for AWS and Azure.

We are a UK based AWS & Azure consultancy. We have a certified and experienced technical team of 12 consultants for delivering professional services for AWS & Azure to deliver solutions for security, cost, performance and DevOps.

Our cloud management platform CloudOps means we can scale our support and expertise many times beyond what pairs of hands alone would allow.

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Step1 - Fact find

What you need to do

  • Explain your commercial offering 
  • Provide a high-level technical overview
  • Define your goals

Step 2 - Consultancy call

Arrange a teams meeting

  • Clarify your technical boundaries
  • Understand in-house technical capabilities
  • Explain the AWS options

Step 3 - Discuss strategy

We create options

  • Plug in CloudOps (15 mins)
  • Map AWS services and technical constraints
  • Teams call to review possible senarios

Please note we have limited spaces available for our
free strategy calls. These are allocated on a first
come first serve basis.


  • Compatibility & service assessment
  • PoC to Production
  • Low or no code changes
  • AWS best practices
  • Leverage our experience of working with over 300 AWS deployments
  • Proactive cloud management
  • Expert support and advice helping you deliver industry leading solutions
  • Save up to 30% on your cloud infrastructure cost
  • A fully accredited Amazon Consulting Partner
  • Ongoing optimisation to manage AWS costs and performance


We know any new supplier partnership is a risk. Especially when you have used other (so called) experts in the past who don't know what they are doing.  

This is why we structure our services very differently to them:

No roadmap no fee!
Automated technology does the work without mistakes!
100% Integrity. If we know what we do won’t work for you, we’ll tell you upfront.
If we can’t give you a plan within 30 days…

We Work For FREE until we do!

It's time to get started.

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Conducted by an AWS specialist
Viability & roadmap
cost controlIMPLEMENT
Service selection & cost modelling

(We receive a large volume of applications and only offer a limited amount of sessions every month. We apologise if we cannot get back to you.)