Unified cloud management
for AWS & Azure

We've assembled the best-of-breed open source solutions with CloudOps being the glue that gives you a single management view of all your cloud assets across AWS, Azure, GCP & hybrid workloads.

AWS Native API integration
CloudOps is AWS certified software and available in the AWS marketplace
Azure Native APIs integration
IG CloudOps Overview

CloudOps: Cloud management software that is plug-and-play with AWS & Azure. 

Brings together performance, cost monitoring, support, SecOps, DevOps and administration to manage your cloud. Focus on delivering your software, not managing your cloud infrastructure.

Cost Service Overview v2
cost control

Save money

Cost analysis and auditing with live and historic data from the native APIs for AWS & Azure


Save resources

Spend more time adding value for your customers, not fire fighting cloud infrastructure issues



All your cloud resources in one central dashboard across AWS, Azure, GCP and Hybrid

patch managment

Improve your performance

Root cause analysis, infrastructure vs code analysis. Get to the cause of any cloud issue

technology adoption manager

UK support & advisory team

Our AWS & Azure teams provide the support you need on demand and the advisory services to help you stay on track

penetration testing


Security audits with risk logging and application penetration testing

Over 70 customers across 8 countries manage AWS & Azure with CloudOps