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Azure Cost Efficiency: Azure Cost Management API Integration with CloudOps (A Deep Dive)

For businesses using Microsoft Azure, the Azure Cost Management API includes cost tools and dashboards within the Azure portal, but connecting and warehousing the data from the native APIs allows real-time insights and proactive alerting.

In this blog post, we'll explain how our cloud management platform, CloudOps, seamlessly integrates with the Azure Cost Management API, offering a robust solution for Azure cost efficiency.

Azure Cost Audit using the Azure native API for cost

Unlocking Real-time Insights with Azure Cost Management API

Azure Cost Management API serves as the backbone of our cost optimisation strategy within CloudOps. By connecting directly to the API, CloudOps provides users with live cost information for one or multiple subscriptions.

This real-time visibility is crucial for businesses with dynamic workloads spread across various Azure environments. Through detailed and up-to-the-minute data, users gain a comprehensive understanding of where their Azure cloud spend is allocated.

This data can then be used to analyse trends, alerts for changes and future planning.

Streamlined Setup with ARM Templates and Azure Lighthouse

One of the standout features of CloudOps is its effortless setup facilitated by Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. These templates allow for the swift and consistent deployment of resources, ensuring that the integration with the Azure Cost Management API is seamless.

Building upon this foundation, CloudOps leverages Azure Lighthouse, a service that enables cross-tenant management, to extend the benefits of the integration across multiple Azure subscriptions. This approach not only simplifies the setup process but also enhances scalability for businesses with diverse and complex infrastructures.

These standards and templates are the approved Microsoft templates for connecting to Azure subscriptions. This means that as a customer you can be set up in CloudOps and see your data populate the main dashboard within about 15 minutes while still maintaining full control of the connections and access that you put in place for CloudOps. 

Native Security Templates and Processes for Azure

Security is paramount in the Azure cloud environment, and CloudOps takes full advantage of Azure's native security templates and processes. By aligning with Azure's security best practices, CloudOps ensures that the integration with the Azure Cost Management API is not only efficient but also adheres to the highest standards of data protection.

This native integration provides users with the confidence that their cost data is handled with the same level of security and compliance as other critical aspects of their Azure infrastructure.

Cost Audits and Recommendations for Informed Decision-Making

Beyond providing real-time cost information, CloudOps excels in delivering proactive solutions for cost management. As part of CloudOps, our Azure team performs regular cost audits, scrutinising the usage patterns and expenditures across Azure subscriptions.

Leveraging the insights gained from the Azure Cost Management API, CloudOps generates recommendations for optimising costs. These recommendations offer users tangible options to save money, ensuring that they are always in control of their cloud spending.

Our Azure team then tailor those cost recommendations to your business by taking into account your goals and constraints like availability and auto-scaling to give you a seamless cost review process. 

Intelligent Alerts for Swift Response

In the Azure cloud, cost fluctuations can occur unexpectedly. CloudOps addresses this challenge by incorporating intelligent alert mechanisms based on the data provided by the Azure Cost Management API.

Users receive timely alerts if costs suddenly increase, allowing them to promptly investigate and take corrective actions. This proactive approach ensures that businesses can maintain cost predictability and avoid any unforeseen financial surprises.

These functions allow you to cut through the noise and get the information you need on a day-to-day basis to prevent and respond to changes / incidents. 


In conclusion, the integration of CloudOps with the Azure Cost Management API represents a holistic approach to cost efficiency in the Azure cloud. By combining real-time insights, streamlined setup with ARM templates and Azure Lighthouse, native security practices, and proactive cost management features, CloudOps empowers businesses to optimise their Azure spending effectively.

The result is not just cost savings but a strategic approach to cloud finance, where decisions are informed, scalable, and aligned with the broader goals of your team. 

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