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Azure Management Services Explained

What are Azure Management Services and How Do They Work?

Azure Management Services provide an automated system to manage cloud resources. This includes creating and maintaining Azure environments, monitoring performance, deploying applications, and managing storage. Azure management services also help you optimise your Azure costs by tracking usage and suggesting ways to reduce costs while maintaining performance. These services can be native Azure services or third-party tools / platforms that integrate with Azure.

Azure Management Services allow you to customize the configuration of Azure environments and take full advantage of Azure’s scalability, reliability and security features. They focus on resource utilisation and cost management while optimising performance. These services provide a unified view of Azure resources with the Azure Portal, where you can manage multiple Azure subscriptions from one place, create solutions and manage their deployment with Azure Resource Manager (ARM), deploy applications using Azure Automation, and monitor performance and health with Azure Monitor.

Azure Management Services also offer a set of additional services such as Azure Security hardening, Backup, and automation. These allow you to ensure the security of your cloud resources, automate backups, manage disaster recovery processes, optimise performance and secure connectivity between Azure sites.

At IG CloudOps we have CloudOps which provides a cloud management platform underpinned by the best-of-breed open-source tools. CloudOps provides the glue for linking these together into one management portal, find out more here.

Benefits of Azure Management Services

Azure Management Services offer many benefits to Azure customers. They provide an automated system to manage Azure resources and optimise performance, while helping you control costs. Azure management services also give customers visibility into their Azure environment with the Azure Portal, where they can monitor performance, generate insights from usage data, detect security threats, and deploy solutions quickly and securely. Azure Monitor also allows customers to keep an eye on the health of Azure resources in real-time, offering alerts and notifications when specific thresholds are triggered.

A comprehensive approach to Azure usage is gained that helps customers optimise their Azure deployments, improve performance and security, and reduce costs. This allows businesses to maximize the benefits of Azure without having to manage Azure resources manually. Azure Management Services make Azure easy to use and reliable, giving businesses the confidence they need to focus more on their core business activities.

Azure Cost Management and Billing

Azure management services can also help Azure customers manage Azure costs while optimising Azure usage. Azure Cost Management and Billing offer comprehensive visibility into Azure bills, allowing businesses to track spending, optimise utilisation of Azure resources, and get insights into Azure usage.

However, the native tools in Azure can give you all the information but don't give you the knowledge & decision-making capabilities without a deep understanding of how Azure works. The portal will generate recommendations, but they don't take into account your specific workloads, but at IG CloudOps we get to know your systems so we can make recommendations that take this into account. We work with you to keep your costs as efficient as possible now and in the future

How CloudOps can help you manage your Azure subscriptions

CloudOps is cloud management software that is plug-and-play with AWS & Azure. CloudOps helps you manage Azure and Azure Cost Management and Billing. It provides advanced cost analytics, automated optimisation of Azure resources, proactive alerting to ensure optimal performance, enhanced security and compliance across Azure environments. CloudOps is an integrated platform that enables businesses to proactively manage Azure workloads while reducing costs.

For an overview of the features of CloudOps find out more here

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