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Benefits of Booking a Test Drive for Cloud Management Software

CloudOps Test Drive

Book a Test Drive Online - The test drive is not a software demo, it’s a briefing before we hand you the keys!

There are many advantages of test driving a product before you buy it and at IG CloudOps we would strongly suggest that you test drive before you buy. Whether you’re looking at putting in place cloud support or reducing the cost of your cloud infrastructure, working with a new cloud partner and implementing cloud management software is a big step.

Getting as much information about how we will work with you and accelerate your AWS & Azure deployments helps you make that step with confidence.


Booking a test drive provides a variety of helpful benefits.

Given that moving cloud partners is a huge commitment for a business, it stands to reason that you’d want to know as much as possible before you buy to make sure you’re confident it’s the right fit for your business with your specific requirements.

When you take a test drive of CloudOps, it gives you the opportunity to understand what the capabilities of the software are. Will the software give you the visibility and insight into your cloud you are looking for and how will the team support you? All of these questions can be discussed. Then we will hand you the keys (a login) and you can have a look around yourself. We are always available if you have any follow-on questions after you have reviewed the software.

The primary job of any cloud partner is to manage and support your cloud. This allows you to concentrate on providing value for your customers and not the nuts and bolts of everyday cloud management. By taking the test drive you get a real feel for us as a company and our software and how we will work with you going forward.

For example, if you have a team who like to be involved in the detail, then the CloudOps portal provides management information including risk and licence registers. If you just want a periodic review of the critical information for your specific cloud deployment, then you can select the appropriate frequency for a review with your adoption manager. They will then walk you through any risks / cost recommendations or any other information to make your cloud more efficient.

The test drive is not a software demo, it’s a briefing before we hand you the keys!

One of the most common reasons for booking a test drive is to review the quality and fit for an application, but it’s also to get a feeling for the team you will be working with.

When considering new cloud management software, it can be daunting.

  • Will it be the right fit for my situation?
  • Will my team be able to work with the supplier?
  • Will the supplier care about my specific cloud use case?

At IG CloudOps, we have the hard-won knowledge built up over 15 years of working with hundreds of AWS & Azure deployments. We have worked with companies across a wide variety of sectors and industries and improved their cloud performance and reduced their costs.

From all of that experience, we built CloudOps. To find out a bit more about us please have a look at our about page to meet the team and also our history.

So, for more information and to book a test drive, please book in online, or just get in touch and we can answer any questions you have about how we can work with you to drive your cloud deployment forward.

If you want more information about our CloudOps software then please take a look at our product information and downloads.