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Discover Why Zabbix is the Leading Monitoring Solution for Cloud Infrastructure

What is Zabbix?

It is a popular open-source monitoring toolkit, ideal for cloud infrastructure. It can monitor everything from virtual machines to native services, providing you with the information you need to keep your cloud deployments functioning well.

This blog post explores why Zabbix is a popular choice and why we have chosen it to be part of our CloudOps.



Enterprise Scalability / Flexibility

Scalability is one of the primary advantages of utilising Zabbix for cloud monitoring. Zabbix can readily adjust to meet your monitoring needs as your cloud environment grows and evolves. It can manage hundreds of nodes (devices) and monitor a wide range of metrics, making it an ideal choice for monitoring cloud deployments large and small.


Zabbix is also rather user-friendly. You can easily find the data you require thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive web-based interface. You may also design your own dashboards and reports using the UI to display the data that matters to your team.

While all of this is true it still requires an installation and a mini project to configure. With IG CloudOps you get Zabbix as part of a turn-key cloud management platform so you get the value day one in the IG CloudOps dashboards

Or find out more here about the full technology stack included with CloudOps.


Automation is key in cloud monitoring, and Zabbix makes it easy to automate many monitoring tasks.

You can set up automated alerts to notify you when thresholds are met, something changes as your cloud deployment grows.

Zabbix does require an agent to be deployed for a full monitoring solution, so IG CloudOps hooks into the native AWS and Azure APIs as well. This gives you a level of monitoring by default while you roll out the agent for enhanced monitoring.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Zabbix is platform-independent and supports a wide variety of operating systems and is not tied to a single vendor. This means Zabbix can monitor everything from on-premises servers to cloud-based apps and services.

It can be used to keep tabs on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

  • O/S Level: MS Windows, Linux, Unix etc...
  • VMware, Docker, Kubernetes
  • CloudPlatforms: AWS / Azure / GCP etc...
  • On-premise / Legacy installs
It can almost monitor anything anywhere. This makes it an ideal choice for cloud environments that are built on a variety of different technologies.

IG CloudOps hooks into both the AWS & Azure cloud platforms with Zabbix as well as the native APIs for a complete monitoring solution. 

Community Support

Zabbix has an active user and developer community that is continually trying to enhance its capabilities. There are always new features and plugins being added (you can also create your own), and any bugs are fixed.

In addition, the community offers substantial documentation and assistance, making it simple to get started with Zabbix and troubleshoot any issues that may emerge.

All of the tools that drive the capabilities of IG CloudOps are kept up to date by our team. You don't need to worry about keeping a group of tools up to date as well as your cloud infrastructure, you just plug in IG CloudOps and get value from day 1 to 1001. 

To review the tools that give IG CloudOps the capabilities it has, see our breakdown of the areas and functions here


Zabbix is open source, and this makes it free to use, with no licence fees.

This doesn't mean that it doesn't have the capabilities of the commercial options, it also means you get all the features as they come out making Zabbix a good solution for businesses of all sizes.

While this is true you still need to run infrastructure and backup and all the other areas, it's just the software that's free. So procuring all the capabilities of Zabbix within a cloud management solution like IG CloudOps makes complete sense. 

Why we chose it for IG CloudOps

Zabbix's stage line 'monitor anything anywhere' really says it all. 

Within our CloudOps cloud management platform, monitoring is a key component. We have agentless monitoring which pulls data directly form the AWS and Azure APIs. Then we use a Zabbix agent for agent-led monitoring to get a complete picture. 

This makes it an ideal component in our unified cloud management platform IG CloudOps. You don't have to learn Zabbix we surface up all the relevant information about your cloud infrastructure in the dashboards that come as part of IG CloudOps and you can see and review any exceptions. 

To find out more about IG CloudOps, why not take a free test drive and see what else our cloud management platform can deliver.

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