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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Exits IoT Services

This is why enterprises won't use the Google cloud platform (GCP), it's got a retirement profile worse than the population of Japan.


This may come as a surprise to some users, but GCP says that it is making these changes in order to focus more on its core services. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is on a bit of a cloud service exodus and this seems to be business as usual.

As seems to be a common approach from Google, almost as soon as it's launched a service it then gets retired and customers who have worked with Google up to this point are left high and dry.

Google has said that the needs of its customers can be better met by providers who are specialists in IoT i.e. smaller providers who don't pull their customers away from GCP. That's Google's hope anyway, but what will the reality be?


Why would you use GCP for your critical cloud infrastructure?

While the IoT services are only a small part of the GCP they were a much-trumpeted addition for Google which has had significant investment over the last few years. So if they are quite happy to retire this area, what does that say for their wider cloud platform?

Google seems to be circling the wagons and cutting areas of their cloud services which they think will drive profitability after announcing that they are still loss-making. This doesn't bode well for customers who have taken the time and effort to invest in their platform and their proprietary services.

With this level of risk, why would you want to invest in GCP for your business when there are Google Cloud platform alternatives available?


Time to consider an alternative to Google Cloud Platform?

It may be time to consider an alternative to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in light of the platform's recent decision to exit IoT services. If you're looking for Google Cloud Platform alternatives, the top two cloud providers globally will always be the best option.

Top Google Cloud Platform Alternatives:

- Amazon web services AWS - Currently number one globally excluding China

- Microsoft Azure - Currently number two globally excluding China

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