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Harness the Power of AWS Console for Maximum Results

What is AWS Console?

AWS Console is a powerful web-based interface that allows admins to manage AWS services. With AWS Console, users can manage resources in AWS using intuitive and simple navigation tools. AWS Console also enables users to securely author and execute service requests, monitor execution progress, and view graphical representations of resource usage.

The use cases for the AWS console are extensive, in short, it allows you to access all of your AWS services across the globe. 

It offers the ability to:

  • Create / secure user accounts
  • Monitor service requests
  • manage resources in AWS services
  • View resource usage graphs
  • and more...


Setting Up an AWS Account

To use AWS console, you do need an active AWS account, either an existing or new one. 

Accessing the AWS Console

The first page you see once you log in is the c"My Account" page, this is like your own mini-dashboard for your deployments. Here you can open AWS console or review the documentation.

Navigating the AWS Dashboard

With AWS Console, you can manage all AWS services and AWS products. AWS Console includes a dashboard that provides quick access to service-specific features. You can view the status of AWS services, monitor resource usage, and create or manage resources in AWS with just a few clicks.

Managing Resources with AWS Console

AWS Console makes it easy to manage AWS resources:

  • create security groups
  • launch EC2 instances
  • create AWS Elastic Load Balancers

AWS Console also allows you to monitor resource usage, view graphical representations of resource usage, and manage access control lists (ACLs) for AWS services.

Tips for Optimising Your Use of AWS Console

AWS Console is designed to be easy to use, but there are a few tips that can help you get the best out of it quickly:

  • Read about AWS services before you start using AWS Console. This will make it easier to understand the way you manage AWS deployments
  • Take advantage of the tutorials and documentation available to get the knowledge you need quickly
  • For troubleshooting AWS also offers a range of support resources online

Administrators can quickly and easily manage AWS resources, monitor resource usage and check their security settings with AWS console.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with AWS Console

Issue: The page isn't loading properly

  • Solution: Try refreshing the page or restarting the AWS Console. If that doesn't work, contact AWS support.

Issue: The widget I want isn't included in the AWS Console Home widgets

Solution: AWS Console Home widgets are customisable:

  • Click "Add Widgets" button at the top of AWS Console home page
  • Select the widget(s) you want
  • AWS Console will populate it with relevant information once added

Issue: My browser displays timeout errors when connecting to the AWS Management Console

  • Solution: AWS Console is built to handle high amounts of traffic, so your connection should not time out. If it does contact support.

Issue: I want to change the default language

Solution: To change the language:

  • Click the gear icon at the top of AWS Console Home
  • Select your desired language from the drop-down menu
If your language is not present check if AWS supports that language.

Further reading

There is a lot of documentation available online for AWS console including 'how to' guides with intended audiences from beginner to advanced. This documentation is written by Amazon as well as other third parties and individuals and is constantly being updated. 

The documentation from Amazon can be accessed at the URL below.



How a certified partner can accelerate your use of AWS Console

It's important to understand how AWS Console works and some of the best practices for leveraging its features to maximise your AWS experience.

If you want to get there quickly then an AWS Partner can help; at IG CloudOps we have worked with hundreds of AWS deployments across the world. We can extend your existing team with the expert knowledge you need on demand.

To see how we can support you with technology and people, have a look at our CloudOps platform and its cloud management capabilities.

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