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How a CloudOps Cloud Management Solution Can Reduce AWS Costs

The AWS cloud has the power to transform your business, providing vast gains in speed, agility, and performance, while removing the need for outdated legacy systems.

However, there’s a big difference between budgeting for a cloud-based IT infrastructure when compared to your traditional IT systems. If not managed properly, those differences create cost management challenges for many organisations.

There are many reasons why cloud costs can spiral out of control once the technology is deployed, from poor configuration to incorrect allocation of resources.

Whatever the reason, these issues will continue to be a source of great stress unless you have constant monitoring and optimisation in place for your cloud.

Thankfully, there are cost-effective ways to gain the pervasive visibility required to reduce AWS costs.


For instance, we’ve developed a unique custom CloudOps, which brings together automated processes and tools designed specifically to give you full control of your cloud environment.

With this simple, easy-to-use solution, you can remove all the complexity and headaches of cloud management. Even those who don’t have a technical background can easily take advantage of:

  • Automated reporting, to give you real-time visibility and make your bills more predictable
  • Continual monitoring of cloud usage, to remove the issue of over-spending
  • Proactive optimisation of your cloud environment, to improve performance, reduce costs, and increase ROI.

Unlike an AWS consultant or typical third-party product, CloudOps already includes all the automated processes and functionality your business needs without any surprise charges or hidden costs.

You’ll also be able to remove the burden of time-consuming manual cloud management, and take advantage of greater:

  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Predictability
  • Consistency

This is the only way to gain total confidence that your IT budget won’t be exceeded, and that your cloud systems will always be running at optimum capacity.


Whether you’re an IT director, CFO, or even a business owner, you can’t afford to be worrying about how expensive your next cloud bill is going to be. Nor can you keep receiving surprises that take you beyond your monthly budget.

CloudOps is a proven, efficient way to solve those challenges and reduce AWS costs and increase your cloud’s ROI.

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