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Azure IoT is Growing at a Breathtaking Rate

Microsoft Azure cloud has been one of the most ground breaking advances the corporation has innovated in the last 10 years. The new generation of IoT solutions is expected to mould consumer behaviour, due to the integration of user friendly technology that unites everyday devices like cars, fridges, speakers and CCTV. Even data handling within traditional, heavy industries like automotive, agriculture and water processing are being disrupted as established technologies merge with cloud and IoT applications to harness the power of automation and machine learning within their core processes. Azure IoT also drastically reduces response time in mission critical scenarios. By having a closed loop of processing power around a “real world” device, customers are also reducing costs by choosing what data needs to be sent to the cloud.

IoT driven by the cloud is much more than just robots

Innovative solutions such as intelligent transportation networks, integrated energy systems, smart factories, and digital cities are transforming how entire industries approach their core infrastructure.

Recent IoT innovations in diverse, heavy industries include:

 IoT applications are leveraging the cloud to reduce water and electric costs, while increasing crop yield for a sustainable farmer in New Zealand
 An IoT cloud app delivers real time information to Indy 500 fans’ hands, which comes directly from the cars as they race
 Azure IoT is currently being used to help industries worldwide find solutions to the problem of water scarcity

Why is this relevant to you?

What is the relationship between IoT and the cloud?

IoT applications typically generate a lot of data, services such as Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure Machine Learning analyse this data to automate processes and “learn” to make decisions regarding business processes in real time. All of this can generate lots of data, typically called “big data” or a data lake. This data needs to be stored in a way that is secure and compliant with industry regulations. With the imminent introduction of the EU GDPR compliance, even a simple scenario like a lost laptop can potentially cost a business billions of pounds in data breach fines. The necessity of a truly secure cloud storage solution has never been more critical. The Azure cloud is a truly scalable, robust global infrastructure that is subject to Microsoft’s own layers of security.

IoT data also needs to be processed in a way that makes real time data processing feasible. This means an in-depth level of analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and cognitive machine learning. Azure’s new generation of IoT solutions is currently harnessing the potential of the cloud to increase the speed that it takes to process requests and data, to speed up real time management of diverse devices.

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