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Tips to Lower Costs and Increase ROI on Your AWS & Azure Deployments

Despite the well-documented advantages associated with the cloud – such as greater speed, flexibility, agility, scalability – many businesses find their spending quickly becomes out of control when not managed sufficiently.


Without the right approach and necessary processes in place, it can be common to receive thousands of pounds worth of unexpected line items on a cloud bill at the end of each month. However, you’ll be relieved to know this is absolutely avoidable.

In order to overcome challenges with cloud cost management, first you must gain full visibility and understanding of your cloud spend. Additionally, it’s also crucial to be proactive, rather than reactive, in continuously optimising the usage of your cloud systems.

Here are some things your organisation should be working hard to put in place:

  • A comprehensive, view into your cloud implementation, including allocation of resources, application performance, and operational status.
  • Proactive and predictive trouble-shooting measures, alongside constant monitoring tools, to ensure unnecessary spend is stopped before it becomes too costly.
  • An internal culture of awareness and accountability over the budget and spend with your cloud implementation.
  • Consistent measurement and usage reports, and the capabilities to analyse these and optimise accordingly.

A well-managed, cost-effective cloud implementation will deliver faster innovation and growth to your business, setting you up for future success.

By having visibility into your cloud spend, it allows you lower costs, make better decisions, and ultimately increase your ROI.


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