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IG CloudOps Sets its Sights on the USA

With a proven track record of serving over 70 customers across 8 countries, IG CloudOps has built a reputation for delivering excellence in cloud management for AWS & Azure. Now, with our new footprint in the USA, we have gone global.

IG CloudOps is a global company with footprints in the UK & USA and has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive support, management, and consultancy services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms with our cloud management platform CloudOps.

"IG CloudOps has been a fantastic partner for us already despite it being early in the relationship. I've felt a few times already that they exemplify the difference between truly understanding cloud infrastructure and those that just play around with it. Excited to grow our relationship.”
- Peter Bernardo, Novi AMS (USA)

The decision to enter the US market comes as no surprise considering the immense potential and demand for cloud services in the region. By opening a satellite office in Austin, Texas, IG CloudOps aims to bring its expertise closer to businesses seeking to harness the power of AWS and Azure to drive innovation and growth.

Located at 701 Tillery Street, Unit 12-1330, Austin, Texas 78702, the new office will serve as a hub for our US-based clients. With a dedicated team of professionals and a customer-centric approach, IG CloudOps is well-positioned to cater to all businesses who use the cloud but specialise in helping SaaS businesses.

"Our expansion into the US market marks a significant milestone for IG CloudOps," says Steve Rastall, CEO of IG CloudOps. "We are excited to bring our proven CloudOps cloud management platform to businesses in the United States, helping them unlock the full potential of cloud technology."

The services offered by IG CloudOps encompass a wide range of capabilities designed to optimise cloud operations and maximise ROI. From cloud migration and deployment to infrastructure optimisation, security, and compliance, IG CloudOps provides end-to-end managed service that empower businesses to keep their cloud deployments on track.

In addition to its core services, IG CloudOps also specialises in performance monitoring and management, cost optimisation, budgeting, and DevOps automation. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, CloudOps helps your team stay on top of an evolving set of new cloud technologies.

To learn more about us & our services, visit or contact the Austin office at (+1) 737-304-6185 or via email at