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What is Managed Azure? Benefits and Features Explained

What is managed Azure ?

Managed Azure stands as a serviced cloud computing solution, enabling businesses to deploy and oversee their applications, resources, and services without the necessity of handling the underlying infrastructure. This service offers an effective means of managing intricate workloads in the cloud with minimal effort.

Benefits of managed Azure

Managed Azure offers several benefits for businesses looking to maximize productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of the cloud.

  • Scalability – managed Azure allows businesses to scale quickly and efficiently, providing resources as needed for workloads and applications.
  • Cost savings – managed Azure can help reduce operational costs associated with IT staff needed to manage the underlying infrastructure.
  • Security – managed Azure provides robust security features that protect data and applications from malicious threats.
  • Maintenance – managed Azure helps minimize the effort and cost associated with upkeeping and maintenance of applications, resources and services.
  • Reliability – managed Azure is reliable and highly available, ensuring that applications remain online 24/7.


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Different managed services available on Azure

Azure provides managed services that can help organizations reduce complexity and maximize efficiency. The following managed services are available on Azure:

  • App Services – enables businesses to develop, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – This is a vanilla cloud function - Virtual machines ( Its almost Cloud1.0 ) 
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS) – Managed RDS instances without having to run the associated software yourself like SQL.
  • Storage services – enables businesses to store and retrieve files from the cloud. This has multiple performance and access settings with related costs varying from very cheap to very expensive.
  • Security services – managed Azure includes advanced security features that protect applications, resources and services.
  • Monitoring services – managed Azure includes monitoring services that provide insights into the performance and health of applications.
  • Analytics services – managed Azure provides analytics services to help businesses gain deeper insights into their data.

How to get started with managed Azure

Getting started with managed Azure is easy. Initially, it is necessary to establish an account on the Microsoft Azure portal. Then, you can choose the managed services that align with your business needs and commence their configuration. Additionally, configuring security settings for your managed resources and applications is a crucial step in the process.

Finally, you can deploy your managed applications and resources (This is the hard bit!).

Or you can work with a certified Azure specialist partner like igroup and use their IG CloudOps to do the heavy lifting for you.

IG CloudOps provides comprehensive managed Azure services to help businesses maximize their Cloud investments. IG CloudOps helps organizations with the design, implementation, and optimization of Microsoft Azure platform-based solutions. IG CloudOps provides end-to-end support for provisioning, configuring, and managing of applications and resources in the cloud.

To find out more about how IG CloudOps can help you automate your cloud management then why not take a test drive and find out more? 

Common challenges associated with managed azure and how to overcome them

Managed Azure can provide businesses with a great deal of control and flexibility, however, there are some common challenges associated with managing cloud services. These include:

  • Security – managed Azure requires businesses to configure security settings for their applications and resources. This can be an overwhelming task if not done properly.
  • Compliance – organizations must ensure that their managed resources comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • Cost – due to the scalability of cloud services, businesses can easily incur unexpected costs if they are not properly monitored. You can review our Azure cost reduction services underpinned by IG CloudOps here.

To overcome these common challenges associated with managed Azure, businesses should work with an experienced Azure partner like igroup. IG CloudOps provides a comprehensive managed Azure solution that can help organizations design, implement, and optimize their cloud investments. IG CloudOps also helps businesses ensure compliance with industry standards and minimize unexpected costs.

In conclusion, managed Azure can provide businesses with a great deal of control and flexibility over their applications, resources, and services. IG CloudOps provides comprehensive managed Azure services to help businesses maximize their Cloud investments. It can help organizations design, implement, and optimize their Microsoft Azure platform-based solutions while ensuring compliance with industry standards and minimizing unexpected costs.

Making the switch to managed Azure with IG CloudOps is a great way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital world. With IG CloudOps, businesses can get the most out of their cloud investments.

Speak to an Azure expert today and find out how we can help tackle your cloud challenges