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What's been happening at IG CloudOps in October?

It's been a busy month!

With the release cycle of CloudOps to update the native cloud credentials integration. Updating the AWS CloudFormation templates and Azure ARM templates (Azure Lighthouse). For more details about this and the other platforms/tools, we integrate into CloudOps read our unified cloud management overview.

The other main focus was the cost control module of CloudOps to pull more information from the native cloud provider APIs for analysis and recommendations.

We are also at the Summit North on November 16th in Manchester so come along and see us on the 16th #MSSNorth

Here's a quick rundown of everything else we have been up to:

  • Intermittent AWS Platform outage - kept affected clients informed throughout and got systems back online asap
  • Databases being recreated after being deleted - Worked with Microsoft and other partners to triage and find the root cause and resolution
  • A client asked for their Access to EC2s in AWS to be elevated to allow them to perform sudo-admin commands
  • Assisted Client with issues removing Azure Services that were no longer required and surplus, thus saving £100pm going forward on their Azure Cost
  • Assisted Client with Appstream2.0 setup of Printers for 3rd Party client integration into their custom software application
  • Investigated and resolved an unexpected reboot of a VM on a clients infrastructure
  • High Processor load on VM, agreed with Client to amend alerts to change frequency of checks for this VM as the alerts were false positives
  • Assisted Clients get access to the Cost Analysis Area of their Azure Subscription
  • Increased footprint of Nginx on Web Front Ends for a client to allow optimum performance of current config and smooth expansion of their cloud deployment for their custom application
  • Amended Azure Network Security Group to allow the Client to continue to have access from home after an IP change while still maintaining security standards for their application's environment

As you can see, out team has been keeping busy!

As always, if you need any assistance with your cloud infrastructure or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

Also, if you want to see the power of CloudOps then sign up for the free version of CloudOps here