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Your Guide to Hiring an AWS Expert: Navigating Challenges and Exploring Alternatives

The demand for cloud expertise, particularly in platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), has soared over the last few years. Finding a true AWS expert to spearhead your cloud initiatives is proving to be a challenge.

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As a UK-based AWS & Azure consultancy business, IG CloudOps understands the intricacies involved in hiring an AWS expert. In this blog post, we delve into the complexities of finding an authentic AWS expert, explore the changing dynamics of contracting work, highlight the essential areas of expertise they need to prove, and ultimately introduce an alternative solution through CloudOps' partnership with a UK-based team of AWS experts.

The Quest for an Authentic AWS Expert

True AWS experts are a rare breed. With the cloud ecosystem expanding rapidly, many self-proclaimed experts may lack the depth of knowledge required to navigate AWS's vast array of services effectively. Identifying someone who can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk is essential.

Furthermore, these experts are becoming increasingly elusive as they often prefer to work as contractors, but more are going into full-time employment, than ever before.

The Contractor Conundrum

Contract work has its merits, allowing businesses to tap into specialised skills without the commitment of a long-term employment contract. However, recent changes in UK tax regulations have made contracting more expensive for businesses.

The introduction of IR35 legislation, aimed at curbing tax avoidance, means that many contractors now fall under the same tax rules as regular employees. This has led to increased costs for businesses engaging with contractors, including AWS experts.

Proving Expertise: Key Areas

When seeking an AWS expert, it's imperative to evaluate their knowledge across key areas. These areas include:

  1. Cloud Architecture and Design: A true expert should be able to design cloud infrastructures that align with business needs, ensuring scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

  2. AWS Services Mastery: Proficiency across a range of AWS services, from computing and storage to databases and networking, is essential.

  3. Security and Compliance: An expert must have a deep understanding of AWS security best practices and compliance standards relevant to your industry.

  4. Performance Optimisation: Optimising cloud resources for performance and cost efficiency is a hallmark of expertise.

  5. Troubleshooting and Support: An AWS expert should excel in identifying and resolving issues promptly to minimise downtime and disruptions.

A Viable Alternative: CloudOps and UK-based AWS Experts

Navigating the challenges of finding an AWS expert can be daunting, especially considering the evolving landscape of contracting in the UK. This is where IG CloudOps comes in. Leveraging our partnership with AWS experts in the UK, we offer a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of expert guidance with a cost-effective approach.

CloudOps provides businesses with a cloud management platform that streamlines cloud resource management, optimisation, and security. Our team of AWS experts, ensure that your business receives personalised support from professionals who understand the intricacies of the UK's cloud ecosystem, regulatory environment, and evolving tax landscape.


In the quest to harness the power of AWS and cloud technology, finding an authentic expert is undoubtedly a challenge. The contracting landscape has also become more complex due to changing UK tax regulations.

However, by carefully evaluating an expert's knowledge across key areas and exploring alternatives such as partnering with IG CloudOps, businesses can successfully navigate these challenges.

At IG CloudOps, we are dedicated to guiding your cloud journey with expertise, innovation, and a keen understanding of the ever-changing cloud landscape. Find out more about our CloudOps AWS management platform and take a test drive here

Or get in touch and speak to an AWS expert.

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