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AWS Managed Service: The Benefits of Lowering Operational Costs

What exactly is an AWS Managed Service and why do you need one?

Definition: It's a fully managed service that relieves your team of the day-to-day of managing the cloud infrastructure. Automate processes, simplify operations and provide visibility into how you are using the cloud in your business.

Removes the complexity of managing a cloud environment by providing everything you need to run your own AWS infrastructure, including configuration/maintenance of AWS resources and services, security, identity management, monitoring tools, and more.


The Benefits of AWS Managed Services

Using a managed AWS service as part of your cloud management approach can reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to hire AWS experts. This allows you to use the cloud without having the overhead of extra staff and training.

AWS Managed Services provide real-time visibility on how your resources are being used, helping you identify areas where you can save money by matching infrastructure to demand.

AWS Managed Services also offers access to tools which are turnkey services that give you value without a setup project. It also helps organizations stay secure by automatically applying AWS security best practices such as AWS Security Hub, AWS Config Rules, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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How AWS Managed Services can help lower operational costs

AWS Managed Services can help lower operational costs in numerous ways.

AWS Managed Services can eliminate the need to pay staff to manage AWS infrastructure, freeing up time to focus on other things.

A managed service makes it easier for you to manage AWS adding automation and alerting. They can also give you visibility of how your resources are being used, allowing you to find and assess savings. AWS Managed Services also helps keep the infrastructure secure by automatically applying AWS security best practices.

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Challenges to consider when using AWS managed services

AWS Managed Services can be a great way to lower AWS costs, but there are some challenges that you should look at. There could be more set-up and maintenance overhead. They rely heavily on automation, which can give you a new set of risks. You should be mindful of the AWS services that are being used use and ensure proper security measures are in place to protect your AWS environment.

What should my managed AWS service include?

CloudOps - Cloud Management technology with People

CloudOps is the perfect AWS Managed Service for organizations looking to reduce their operational costs. CloudOps automates AWS operations, streamlines AWS processes, and provides detailed insights into AWS resource usage - enabling organizations to make better decisions faster. Furthermore, CloudOps offers a low cost of ownership, ensuring that organizations are maximising their AWS investment.

CloudOps automates 80% of cloud management but the rest is our expert team


AWS Managed Services is a great way for organizations to reduce operational costs, simplify AWS setup and integration, and gain real-time insights into resource usage.

CloudOps is the perfect AWS Managed Service to help organizations take full advantage of AWS while minimizing their AWS costs. With CloudOps, organizations can rest assured that their AWS environment is secure and operating efficiently. By leveraging AWS Managed Services, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while keeping operational costs low.

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