AWS managed services

At IG CloudOps, we understand that your cloud infrastructure is at the core of your business operations and how it performs will affect you and your customers.

Working with an accredited AWS partner means that you know you are working with experts.

Our managed AWS services include:

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Why choose IG CloudOps for you AWS managed service


Case study: valuechain

Providing a managed cloud environment for custom applications. A leading provider of smart manufacturing solutions around the globe. 

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We've honed our skills over a decade of dealing with hundreds of AWS implementations. We can either provide administration and support to your existing team and complement their knowledge, or we can take over your infrastructure and provide a completely managed AWS hosting service.

We offer the full life cycle of services for AWS from architecture & deployment to support, management, maintenance & upgrades.We also spend our time working with many different implementations of AWS & Azure deployed across the globe so we are always up to date with the latest developments. 

We have then put this knowledge into our CloudOps platform to allow us to scale our knowledge across hundreds of AWS tenants. 

As a certified partner for Amazon web services, IG CloudOps ensures you get the maximum ROI from your cloud deployment and have the infrastructure which will support your immediate and long-term business objectives.

Working with IG CloudOps

We work closely with your internal IT specialists to understand what you want to achieve so we can recommend solutions that complement your own technology stack and help you progress in the cloud.

IG CloudOps managed services can be tailored to your specific requirements from fully managed and hosted through to a lighter touch of monitoring and support to complement your own team.

Our managed service includes:

  • CloudOps - Proactive support and monitoring for your cloud infrastructure - read more here 

On-going Support

Advisory and support services included as part of CloudOps. Problems with your cloud infrastructure can seriously affect performance or lead to downtime. Our team will:

  • Identify and diagnose issues
  • Analysis of root cause
  • Resolve the issue
  • Ensure it does not happen again

In most cases we resolve problems before you even notice them.


We provide consultancy for the full life cycle of your AWS deployment:

  • AWS Architecture - when you need to review your existing deployment or add in new cloud infrastructure
  • AWS Deployment - templated deployments as part of a planned architecture 
  • AWS Migration - migration planning and execution and life cycle planning

As your AWS partner, we help you achieve a competitive edge by accelerating your cloud deployment. 

Optimisation & maintenance
(Performance & Cost saving)

Your use of AWS cloud infrastructure will change over time which will increase costs and potentially lead to redundant services still running.

CloudOps includes cost optimisation and performance recommendations:

  • Automatically carrying out regular reviews of your AWS infrastructure
  • Identifying redundant or un-used resources
  • Resources are scaled up to meet peak demand and scaled down to meet low demand, saving you money
  • Reallocating resources as AWS changes to improve performance and reduce cost


SLAs to protect your business with 24/7 monitoring enabling us to deliver 99.999% uptime as standard. All of this is included as part of CloudOps this helps:

  • Improve accessibility of data
  • Prevent application outages
  • Analyse consumption levels
  • Make performance recommendations
  • 24/7 fault recovery 

Monitoring ensures you know that any issues are resolved as they occur and stopped from happening again. 

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AWS managed services with IG CloudOps

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IG CloudOps brings together performance and cost monitoring tools, support processes and general administration functions through a single portal.

Fully managed on your behalf by our dedicated team of cloud experts, plug and play with AWS & Azure.

Support & Advisory included for a complete cloud management solution.

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Why IG CloudOps?

Plug and play with AWS and Azure

Automated cloud management from day one

Live dashboards for up to the second insights

AWS and Azure UK certified team for Support & Advisory requirements

IG CloudOps Overview

IG CloudOps – reducing cloud costs and improving performance

IG CloudOps delivers a complete AWS managed service package for your business.

With IG CloudOps as part of your team we deliver an always-on cloud management solution that ensures infrastructure performance, reduces costs and is ready to meet your future challenges. 

IG CloudOps brings together all the functions, processes and features you need from a cloud support relationship proactively supporting your business with no additional cost.

Further savings – Our team optimises your costs and performance using our own cloud management platform (CloudOps) and analysing configurations to reduce costs.

By choosing IG CloudOps as your AWS partner you will benefit from:

Build & operate workloads following best practices

Monitoring, incident management, reporting, change management

24/7 alerting and reporting

Full infrastructure and environment automation

Access to expert AWS architects and support engineers

Guaranteed cost savings and performance improvements

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What do our customers say?

“The IG CloudOps culture of approachable professionalism has been a great match with my team."

"Also, their ‘can do’ attitude with a pragmatic approach to problems has enabled us to move our product roadmap forward.”

Dan Frost
Managing Director at Adaptive

“IG CloudOps had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management solution, CloudOps.”

Steve Stringer
Software Architect at Oak Software

Over 70 customers across 8 countries manage AWS & Azure with CloudOps