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AWS migration service - Why not use technology to do the heavy lifting, rather than consultants?

With the help of technology an AWS migration doesn't have to be a daunting task, and AWS migration service can simplify things considerably.

If your cloud spending is significant, AWS will help with the migration for free or allocate funding to an AWS-qualified partner to complete the migration.

This albeit in principle means AWS will fund your migration to get you spending in their cloud and you can avoid consultants and support desk manual support, by using CloudOps (AWS certified) to automate the ongoing support and management. This is the future of the cloud and removes your reliance on managed service providers and consultants who run the day rate clock on intangible billable time.


1. AWS migration service - what does it offer?

They allow the full or partial automation of the process of migrating to AWS. This way you can focus on your team's goals, rather than worrying about the migration process managing a delivery partner. We do this by providing AWS application migration services that automate the entire process infrastructure build process and just your app and data need to move over, by plugging in CloudOps.

2. Benefits of using a professional service to migrate your data

There are many benefits to using a professional service direct from AWS to migrate your data. First and foremost, it saves you time and energy. You won't have to worry about the technical aspects of the migration process, as that will be taken care of by certified professionals. Additionally, it increases the chances of successful migration or use CloudOps and just deploy your app in the CloudOps-created AWS infrastructure and upload your data.

3. It's easy to get started with AWS migration services

Getting started with AWS migration services is not easy as you will have to hoop jump for the free money and if you have a low potential spend, you might be passed to a partner and get the funding allowance, or if on the rare occasions you do not qualify, you are back to self-funding and DIY or 3rd parties.

Simply select a service provider, contract them solely for migration, and integrate CloudOps to decrease ongoing management costs. After signing up, you'll be able to begin managing AWS fast and effortlessly.

So why not give it a try today? CloudOps free trial.

4. A few tips on how to get the most out of your migration experience

Essentially get your house in order first, then only migrate what you need.

  • Tidy up your premise deployment
    • Patching
    • Security policy adherence
    • Backups
    • Know your performance benchmarks
  • Take advantage of any free trials that are offered

5. Key benefits of using AWS migration services

In conclusion, AWS migration services & CloudOps are a great way to automate and derisk the process of migrating to AWS. It also saves money as they are doing it for free and do not drag the job out to drive billable time. At IG CloudOps, we focus on helping customers manage and support AWS quickly and easily. Have a trial of CloudOps and get some straight talk.

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