AWS migration services

To help you move critical apps and data to the cloud in a cost-effective and efficient manner, IG CloudOps offers a fully managed AWS migration service.

By choosing IG CloudOps as your AWS migration partner you will benefit from:

  • A UK-based AWS consultancy team
  • Years of experience in migrating workloads to AWS
  • Work with a team who will take the time to learn about your company and its goals
  • Certified Amazon partner
  • Experienced working with businesses large and small in a variety of market areas
  • Our strategy includes our cloud management platform CloudOps, which ensures that AWS is deployed efficiently, on-time, and under budget.

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Why work with IG for your AWS Migration?


Case study: Oak Software

Choosing the right AWS Partner for AWS infrastructure.

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We have the hard-won knowledge from working with hundreds of AWS deployments for over a decade. We can be bolted on to your existing team and provide templated deployment and migration services to ensure the success of your migration.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for AWS, covering the entire life cycle from architecture and deployment to ongoing support, management, maintenance, and upgrades. Our team is dedicated to working with diverse AWS and Azure implementations deployed worldwide, ensuring that we stay current with the latest developments in these platforms.

We have then put this knowledge into our CloudOps software to allow us to scale our knowledge across hundreds of AWS deployments. 

How we work

At IG, we understand the benefits that migrating to AWS can give your business. If it is badly planned it can cause significant damage to reputations and cash flows which is why all our migration projects follow four steps.

Planning and discovery

There are a number of factors which will contribute to the scale of the infrastructure for your business including:

  • Volume of data
  • Number of users
  • Infrastructure availability
  • Compliance and security

Working with your stakeholders, IG will create a full picture of the services to be virtualised.

By understanding your requirements in detail and building the solution around them it ensures that your migration is completed on time and on budget.

Technical audits

IG CloudOps conduct a full audit of your business’ requirements to analyse the applications to be migrated.

  • Application compatibility
  • Available requirements
  • Cloud benefits for applications
  • Strengths and weaknesses of current solution

Technical audits and analysis are used to create a detailed picture of the solution that best meet your objectives both now and tomorrow.

Understanding your application and business needs is central to our approach.

Security audits

IG CloudOps goes beyond the surface to conduct thorough technical audits.

These audits encompass a comprehensive examination of your business's requirements, delving into the intricacies of applications slated for migration.

Using CloudOps we can scan and audit both your cloud platform and your application end points with integrated penetration scanning. 

At IG CloudOps, our commitment to understanding your applications and business needs is central to our approach, ensuring that the solutions derived from these technical audits are not only secure but also tailored to optimise your cloud experience.

Cost audits & estimation

The accurate estimation of the initial and ongoing costs associated with a cloud system migration are often the hardest part to assess. 

Our team conducts a comprehensive audit that examines the existing cost structure, if already in the cloud or calculates a full cost analysis with performance-related options if not. 

We analyze the cost implications of various cloud services, ensuring alignment with your budgetary constraints and business objectives. This audit delves into estimating the expenses associated with application migration, taking into account factors such as data transfer, storage, and compute resources.

At IG CloudOps, our commitment to transparent and strategic cost management is central to our approach, ensuring that your journey to the cloud not only meets technical requirements but also aligns seamlessly with your financial goals.

Deployment and support

IG CloudOps has extensive experience in migrating bespoke applications to AWS and leveraging this for your project.

During the deployment phase we:

  • Test the environment against specification
  • Undertake and complete a comprehensive performance review
  • Create back-ups of all data for rollback
  • Provide expert support throughout the migration process

Ongoing optimisation

All IG CloudOps customers benefit from our years of experience and knowledge of AWS and Azure cloud.

As part of our optimisation programme we provide:

  • Regular reviews of performance
  • Detailed spend and usage reports
  • Constant infrastructure monitoring with CloudOps
  • Reduce infrastructure cost with our cloud management software CloudOps

IG CloudOps – reducing cloud costs and improving performance

We understand the challenges your business faces. Your cloud infrastructure is at the heart of your business which is why we have developed the CloudOps platform which delivers a complete performance and support package for your business.

By integrating IG CloudOps into your team, we provide a continuously active cloud management solution that guarantees infrastructure performance, lowers costs, and is well-prepared for your upcoming challenges. IG CloudOps consolidates all the essential functions, processes, and features required for a proactive cloud support relationship, supporting your business without incurring any additional costs.

Further savings – Our team optimises your costs and performance using our own cloud management software and analysing configurations to reduce costs.

By choosing IG CloudOps as your AWS partner you will benefit from:

Build & operate workloads following best practices

Monitoring, incident management, reporting, change management

24/7 alerting and reporting

Full infrastructure and environment automation

Access to expert AWS architects and support engineers

Cost savings and performance improvements

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What do our customers say?

“The IG CloudOps culture of approachable professionalism has been a great match with my team."

"Also, their ‘can do’ attitude with a pragmatic approach to problems has enabled us to move our product roadmap forward.”

Dan Frost
Managing Director at Adaptive

“IG CloudOps had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management solution, CloudOps.”

Steve Stringer
Software Architect at Oak Software

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