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AWS on Budget: Practical Strategies for AWS Cost Control

As the adoption of AWS continues to soar, the need for effective AWS cost management becomes increasingly crucial. Controlling costs on AWS is a fundamental aspect of optimising your cloud investment and ensuring that you get the most value for your budget.

In this blog, we explore practical strategies for AWS cost control, highlighting how working with IG CloudOps, a UK based AWS consultancy with cost auditing and monitoring as standard, can keep your cloud journey on the right financial track.

AWS Cost Audit

1. Rightsizing Your Resources

Begin your AWS cost control journey by rightsizing your resources. This involves analysing your existing AWS resource usage with tools like AWS Cost Explorer, identifying instances that are over-provisioned or underutilised. With IG CloudOps by your side, their cost auditing expertise can assist in pinpointing optimisation opportunities, ensuring you only pay for the computing power you truly need.

2. Embracing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans

Unlock significant cost savings by embracing Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans. IG CloudOps, as your AWS consultancy partner, can guide you in choosing the right pricing model based on your workload's stability. With their expertise, you can maximise the benefits of RIs and Savings Plans to optimise costs while meeting your performance requirements.

3. Leveraging Spot Instances for Flexibility

For non-critical workloads, leverage Spot Instances to introduce flexibility and cost-effectiveness. IG CloudOps can help you strategically deploy Spot Instances, ensuring that your applications maintain reliability while keeping costs under control.

4. Effective Storage Management

Optimise storage costs with effective AWS cost control management practices. Regularly review and delete unneeded EBS volumes and snapshots, and implement lifecycle policies for Amazon S3. IG CloudOps, with their standard cost monitoring, can assist in keeping your storage costs in check.

5. Monitoring and Optimising Data Transfer Costs

Data transfer costs can contribute significantly to your AWS bill. Monitor and optimise data transfer costs with insights from IG CloudOps. Our expertise ensures that you make informed decisions, whether it's optimising usage or utilising cost-effective transfer options like AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN.

6. Use AWS Cost and Usage Reports

Enable AWS Cost and Usage Reports for granular insights into your spending patterns. IG CloudOps, with cost auditing, can leverage these reports to identify overspending areas and tailor optimisation strategies to suit your specific needs.

7. Tagging for Cost Allocation

Implement a robust tagging strategy for accurate AWS cost control and allocation, with IG CloudOps ensuring that tagging policies are enforced consistently across your AWS environment. This meticulous approach aids in categorising costs based on business units, projects, or departments.

8. Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation

AWS environments are dynamic, and business requirements evolve. Regularly review and adjust your resources with IG CloudOps providing continuous monitoring and optimisation support. Stay ahead of changes, informed about AWS updates, and aligned with cost-efficient strategies.


Effectively managing costs on AWS is a collaborative effort, and with IG CloudOps as your AWS partner, the journey becomes smoother and more cost-efficient. By implementing the practical strategies outlined in this blog and leveraging the cost auditing and monitoring expertise of IG CloudOps and our cloud management platform CloudOps, organisations can achieve efficiency and scalability in the AWS cloud without compromising their financial goals.

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