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Maximising AWS Savings: Top AWS Cost Control Tools

In this blog post, we will explore some of the top AWS cost control tools and delve into the benefits of using a cloud management platform with advanced cost management features, such as the CloudOps solution from IG CloudOps.

AWS Cost Audit - included as standard

Native AWS Tools for Cost Control

1. AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer provides a comprehensive view of your AWS spending patterns. With intuitive visualisations and customisable reports, users can analyse costs over specific time periods, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimise resource allocation.

2. AWS Budgets

Creating budgets and setting up alerts is crucial for proactive AWS cost control and management. AWS Budgets allows users to define cost and usage budgets, receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded, and take timely actions to prevent unexpected spikes in spending.

3. AWS Trusted Advisor

This tool offers personalised recommendations to optimise resources, enhance security, and save costs. AWS Trusted Advisor analyses your AWS environment and provides actionable insights, helping businesses implement best practices and improve their overall cost efficiency.

Elevating Cost Management with CloudOps

While native AWS tools offer a solid foundation for cost control, businesses with complex cloud infrastructures often require a more comprehensive solution. This is where CloudOps, the cloud management platform from IG CloudOps, steps in, along with our AWS cost management services.

1. Unified Cloud Resource Management

CloudOps provides a centralised platform for managing AWS resources, enabling businesses to streamline operations and gain a holistic view of their cloud environment. This unified approach enhances efficiency and contributes to overall cost reduction.

2. Advanced Cost Management Features

CloudOps goes beyond basic cost tracking. Its advanced cost management features allow users to allocate costs to specific projects, departments, or teams, facilitating a granular understanding of spending patterns. This level of detail empowers organisations to make targeted optimisations.

3. Built-in Cost Audits

One standout feature of CloudOps is its built-in AWS cost control features. Regular audits are essential for identifying areas of overspending, underutilised resources, and potential savings opportunities. With CloudOps, businesses benefit from annual cost audits that can be scaled up based on their evolving needs.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

IG CloudOps understands that businesses have diverse requirements. CloudOps is designed to scale seamlessly, ensuring that as your organisation grows, the platform can adapt to increased workloads and complexities, maintaining its effectiveness in optimising costs.


Maximising savings requires a combination of approaches for AWS cost control. While AWS provides a solid foundation, cloud management from IG CloudOps elevates AWS cost control to new heights. With its unified management, advanced features, and built-in cost audits, CloudOps enables businesses to not only manage their cloud resources effectively but also to thrive in a cost-efficient, scalable cloud environment.

As organisations continue their journey in the cloud, leveraging the right tools becomes paramount, and CloudOps stands as a beacon for those aiming to achieve optimal AWS cost management.

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