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AWS Subscription Management: Visibility Is The Key To Reducing Cloud Sprawl

As your team embraces the cloud to drive innovation and growth, you often find you are grappling with a new challenge: effective AWS subscription management. One of the most frustrating things as an AWS admin is trying to get a view of all your deployments in one place across regions / subscriptions. 

In this blog post, we delve into the difficulty of obtaining a comprehensive view of AWS resources across multiple regions and how our CloudOps cloud management platform offers a turnkey solution to enhance visibility and reduce cloud sprawl.

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The Challenge of AWS Subscription Management

As you adopt and roll out AWS, your cloud infrastructure inevitably grows and expands across multiple regions and services. With this growth, however, comes complexity. It becomes increasingly challenging to maintain an accurate and real-time view of all resources in one location. This lack of visibility can lead to cloud sprawl, a situation where resources are underused, overlooked, or forgotten, resulting in wasted money and compromised performance.

Managing this sprawling infrastructure becomes difficult and important things are overlooked. Traditional methods of tracking resources, such as manual spreadsheets or relying solely on AWS Management Console, are time-consuming and error-prone. As the cloud environment scales up, the need for an efficient and comprehensive solution to manage your AWS subscription becomes crucial.

The Quest for Comprehensive Visibility

The importance of comprehensive visibility cannot be overstated. Organisations need to monitor their resources, understand usage patterns, and optimise spending to ensure efficient operations in the cloud. However, getting a holistic view across multiple AWS regions, services, and accounts is far from straightforward.

Different teams within an organization might deploy resources independently, leading to a fragmented view of the cloud environment. Overlapping subscriptions, shadow IT, and untracked resources contribute to cloud sprawl and can significantly hinder cost optimisation efforts.

Empowering Visibility with CloudOps Cloud Management Platform

Enter CloudOps cloud management platform, a turnkey solution designed to tackle the challenges of AWS subscription management. CloudOps offers a unified dashboard that aggregates data from various AWS accounts and regions, presenting a consolidated view of the entire infrastructure. This centralisation eliminates the need to navigate through different consoles, providing a clear and comprehensive picture of resources, usage, and costs.

CloudOps offers advanced features that enhance visibility and streamline management. Automated resource discovery ensures that no resource goes unnoticed. Cost tracking and optimisation tools allow you to identify and address underused or forgotten resources, thereby reducing unnecessary spending. Additionally, policy enforcement features help maintain compliance and security across all of your AWS deployments.


In the world of cloud computing, maintaining control over your AWS subscriptions is essential. As your cloud infrastructure grows, achieving visibility becomes increasingly challenging but no less critical.

The CloudOps cloud management platform offers an effective solution by providing a central dashboard that offers visibility across all AWS resources, accounts, and regions. With this turnkey option, organizations can tackle cloud sprawl head-on, optimise spending, and streamline operations.

Remember, gaining control starts with gaining visibility. By embracing a comprehensive cloud management platform like CloudOps, you can overcome the challenges of AWS subscription management and ensure a well-organized, efficient, and cost-effective cloud environment.

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