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IG CloudOps More Than Just an Azure Consulting Partner? Multi-cloud Experts specialising in AWS and Azure

IG CloudOps is more than just your typical Azure consulting partner. We offer a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform (CloudOps), which combines cutting-edge software with a team of experienced professionals. IG CloudOps has successfully established itself as a trusted Azure partner delivering effective and dependable cloud solutions.


What sets us apart is our commitment and ability to offer multi-cloud expertise, not just limited to Microsoft Azure, but also extending to Amazon Web Services (AWS). As certified partners of both Microsoft and Amazon, IG CloudOps offers a holistic approach to cloud management that goes beyond traditional consulting services.

Software and People: The Power of CloudOps

At the core of IG CloudOps lies our Cloud Management Platform (CloudOps), which sets us apart from being a mere consulting partner. CloudOps is a robust software solution designed to streamline and optimize cloud operations. It provides organizations with a central platform to manage cloud infrastructure, monitor performance, automate processes, and ensure cost optimisation. With CloudOps, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, scalability, and agility in their cloud environments.

However, IG CloudOps doesn't stop at software alone. We understand that successful cloud management requires a combination of advanced technology and skilled professionals. Our team of experts brings years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that clients receive personalized support and guidance throughout their cloud journey. This unique blend of software and human expertise enables IG CloudOps to offer a holistic approach to cloud management that goes beyond what traditional Azure consulting partners can provide.

Hard-Won Experience: Sector-Specific Cloud Solutions

IG CloudOps has earned its reputation by working with hundreds of cloud environments across various sectors. This extensive experience allows us to understand the unique challenges and requirements of different industries. No matter the industry—healthcare, finance, e-commerce — IG CloudOps uses its expertise to create cloud solutions that are tailored to each client's unique requirements. By looking at our case studies, you can find out more about our experience.

Multi-Cloud Expertise: Beyond Azure into AWS

While IG CloudOps is a certified Microsoft Azure partner, we go beyond the limits of a single cloud platform. Recognizing the importance of multi-cloud strategies, we are also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. This means that clients can benefit from our expertise in managing both Azure and AWS environments, enabling seamless integration and hybrid cloud solutions. IG CloudOps understands that different organisations have different cloud preferences, and their multi-cloud experience allows them to provide the flexibility and choice that clients require.

How can we help your team?

IG CloudOps is not just another Azure consulting partner. Our cloud management platform (CloudOps), a blend of software and skilled professionals, hard-won experience across multiple sectors as well as certified partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon, allow us to offer a unified approach to cloud management.

Whether you need assistance with Azure, AWS, or a combination of both, IG CloudOps stands ready to provide tailored cloud solutions that drive efficiency, scalability, and success. 

Speak to a member of our UK-based team today and tell us how we can help you

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