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CloudOps the Ideal Option for Your Managed Azure Hosting

What do you look for from an Azure hosting provider? Ideally, you need a provider who will stay on top of all the latest options from the various cloud platforms – whether Azure or AWS – and one who has supporting technology that works equally well across those.

If you want assurance that you’re getting the value you deserve from your Azure hosting agreement, you shouldn’t settle for a provider who simply hosts your cloud for you and expects you to buy additional consulting services just to keep it maintained, monitored, and supported.


Thankfully, you can find Azure cloud specialists who will work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, then recommend the best solution for your unique requirements as your business evolves.

Your Azure cloud needs to be regularly reviewed, as it's constantly evolving. Work with a partner who has the hard-won experience of working with hundreds of AWS & Azure deployments. 

Consider our Cloud Management Solution CloudOps

Whatever your current hosting arrangement, every cloud-based deployment will benefit from cloud management software to give you insights into cost, security, advice and support. 

Our cloud management software uses complex algorithms and machine learning to find the best-performing services for your environment on Azure and AWS, guaranteeing significant cost reductions when compared with leaving cloud infrastructure to run.

We review your Azure workload continuously, CloudOps then makes recommendations which you can review to save money while maintaining performance.

CloudOps is plug and play with AWS & Azure and delivers:

  • Visibility of monthly costs/cost spikes/risks
  • Less drain on your time, manpower, and resources
  • Focus on your business and innovation not running the infrastructure
  • Greater storage and data transfer allowances
  • Full confidence your hosting is enhanced with 24/7 proactive support.

A CloudOps Azure hosting arrangement will also give you all of the benefits and advantages offered by CloudOps. This holistic cloud managment service is something no other hosting provider is able to provide.

Of course, it’s also valuable to begin working with a team of proven, experienced specialists who handle this technology every day, and have been doing so for years.

Managed Azure Hosting Made Simple

When it comes to Azure hosting, you need to be making decisions that will be best for your specific circumstances and Azure workload.

In today’s market, it is possible to find a cost-effective option that will still also give you the reliability, stability, and consistency your Azure cloud infrastructure needs.

Managed Azure hosting services, when approached strategically with the right partner, can add a whole new dimension to your cloud investment.

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