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CloudOps Round Up Q3 2022 - Updates and enhancements (Version 2022.3)

Version 2022.3 Latest UPDATES

October 2022

Although there are some visible updates, the majority of this release has been behind the scenes improving our Cloud Integration ready for the expansion of CloudOps Round Up Q3 2022  to provide more features for Cloud Services, which we're excited to offer in 2023. That being said, we have some major security improvements along with the usual performance improvements and fixes.

Cloud Integration - Direct New Feature

Previously, Cloud Integration was achieved using a collection of tools and services which had limitations such as the Cloud Service we could integrate with and how the costs were collected and calculated. Cloud Integration has been re-developed from scratch specifically for CloudOps and now talks directly to AWS and Azure APIs, allowing us to connect more securely and provide improved CloudOps support for current and future additional Cloud Services.

This direct integration provides the following improvements:

  • Live VM costs no longer requires Monitoring to be deployed to the VMs
  • Live VM costs are available for all VMs in all of your Cloud Accounts which are added to CloudOps, regardless of your CloudOps Managed VM allocation
  • Costs are updated more frequently (currently every 15 minutes)
  • Costs now support a wider range of SKUs such as Spot Instance
  • In alignment with AWS and Azure base pricing, all costs are now provided in the cloud provider's base currency of USD

Replaced Cloud Credentials with Cloud Profiles New Feature

Cloud Credentials have been removed and replaced with a system where you delegate access to CloudOps instead. CloudOps will now access your Clouds using its own credentials, which is more secure and follows the best practices from both AWS and Microsoft Azure. This allows us to manage CloudOps' credentials securely, rotating access keys more frequently without customer intervention and limiting permissions to only those required.

  • AWS: CloudFormation templates for easy setup
  • AWS: Require the use of an External ID
  • Azure: ARM templates for easy setup based on Azure Lighthouse

Self-Service Signup New Feature

New customers can now use the Signup Portal to provision their own CloudOps account, including connecting CloudOps to AWS & Azure. Including prospective customers who may be interested in CloudOps but want to try the CloudOps offering before purchasing.

To get CloudOps please sign up for free here.

Subscriptions Improvement

Contract information has been replaced with CloudOps Subscriptions, which provide more agreement details, including all entitlements and additional offerings available for upgrade.

    • Support hours are now allocated and calculated based on Subscription anniversary instead of calendar year.
    • Advisory hours are now allocated and calculated based on Subscription anniversary instead of calendar year.

If you want more information about our CloudOps software then please take a look at our feature overviews.