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CloudOps Round up Q1 2022 - Updates and enhancements (Version 2022.1)

It's the end of the first quarter of 2022 and that seems to have gone quickly. We have been busy over Q1 2022 adding new foundation features to CloudOps which will be expanded on in the near future such as the Historical Metrics and Notifications. We have also added some CloudOps Services which were missing from the portal dashboards along with details on their provisioning.


  • Monitoring - Historical Metrics New Feature

We have expanded the Monitoring data available through the CloudOps Portal allowing you to view data trends for CPU, Memory, Disk and Availability for the last 48 hours.

The metrics can be accessed from the home page by either clicking on the live metric or using the dropdown menu of the VM and selecting Historical Metrics.

  • Notifications New Feature

A new notifications feature has been added which will send you daily digest emails if any updates have been added to your CloudOps portal. At the moment, notifications are limited to Cost Recommendations and you can opt-out of these notifications through the new My Preferences area accessible from the user menu in the top right.

  • Cloud Credentials New Feature

Cloud Credentials has been added to the Settings menu which allows you to manage the credentials used by CloudOps Automation to perform tasks on your AWS Accounts or Azure Subscriptions. Multiple credentials can be added and each credential can be used for 1 or more AWS Accounts/Azure Subscriptions to simplify the management and auditing of access.

Cloud Credentials created and setup by IG CloudOps for your own AWS Accounts or Azure Subscriptions will also be visible here.

  • Service Settings New Feature

Backup and Antivirus CloudOps Service Settings have been added to the Service Settings page. We are also evaluating the feasibility of allowing Service settings to be disabled without needing to contact your account manager, this applies to the Backup setting only at this moment in time.

Additionally, a Services Summary widget has been added to the home page showing which services you have requested. We have also added in two states (Provisioning and Deprovisioning) to highlight which services are currently being setup or decommissioned.

  • What's New Page 

What's new page has been added to the User Menu which provides a summary of main releases along with the features and improvements added within each release

  • Auditing New Feature

Additional behind the scenes Auditing has been added for both Login/Authentication and 24/7 Call events.

  • Patching Terminology Improvement

Patching Windows have been re-named Patching Schedules to avoid any confusion with operating systems.

  • 24/7 Job Rollup Improvement

A roll-up version of the Recovery Job History from the 24/7 Dashboard has been added to the home page allowing an at-a-glance view of any recovery jobs across all your customers.


If you want more information about our CloudOps software then please take a look at our product information and downloads.