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How we help industry leaders get the most out of their applications

InClarity are leaders in fixed line telephony and were the first hosted VoIP providers way back in 2003. Their cloud-based telephony solutions can host over 6 million users, so understandably they have a heavy reliance on the technology and how it works for them.

InClarity approached us when they began working on a new, custom application which would allow them to improve the efficiency of their communications, leading to reduced costs and increased business mobility.

Whilst they had a fair amount of experience working within the cloud, they recognised that in order to launch their new application to the best of its abilities, they would need to work with cloud infrastructure experts. They were looking for a Microsoft partner who would not only get the job done to a high standard, but also act as part of their team, sharing their goals and enhancing their customers’ experience.

At IG CloudOps, we have over 15 years’ experience within the cloud, working with a wide range of different businesses on an even wider range of projects to help make the cloud as beneficial as possible for different requirements. No matter how big or small the task at hand, we take on every project as if it's our own, building solutions that are long lasting, scalable and water tight. We knew we were up for the job.

We decided the best course of action was to implement our CloudOps on the Azure infrastructure, providing them with the level of insight and support that they desperately needed.

To learn more about how this solution was managed for InClarity and whether this could be something that can help your business, take a look at the full case study here.