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Paying Too Much for AWS Cloud? Do You Need AWS Cost Optimisation Tools

Hosting your business’s critical processes and applications in the cloud allows you to enhance the delivery of IT services and streamline operations, while reducing fixed costs and removing outdated legacy systems.

However, the cloud also comes with a number of pitfalls which can be difficult to avoid, especially when it comes to AWS cost optimisation.

Any cloud technology you deploy will be highly flexible, ever-changing, and hard to control. There are significant differences between managing and budgeting for the cloud when compared to your traditional on-premise IT systems.


Unless you have AWS cost optimisation tools and processes in place, your cloud deployments will present you with issues such as:

  • Over-spending beyond the expected budget
  • A lack of visibility into usage and performance
  • A lack of predictability in your monthly bills
  • Charges from AWS that are too high for your usage
  • Charges from AWS that are too high for the performance you’re receiving
  • An inability to optimise your cloud environment to keep costs at bay.

If you’re not monitoring the usage and performance of your cloud with meticulous attention to detail, your monthly spend will inevitably creep up far higher than expected.

Put simply, the more IT you consume, and the higher your performance levels need to go, the more it’s going to cost. And you’ll only find out about this in the form of surprise charges on your bill once it’s too late.

But with technology as complex as the cloud, you need support from sophisticated AWS cost optimisation tools that can keep up with your advanced IT infrastructure. Only then will you gain the necessary:

  • Constant monitoring and management of your cloud usage
  • Real-time context and analysis
  • Proactive decision-making
  • Ongoing support
  • Continual optimisation of your cloud systems.

When running a business or an IT department, you need to be able to focus entirely on doing your job. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about how much your cloud bill is going to be each month.

Nor should you settle for receiving monthly bills that greatly exceed your IT budget each month.

To gain more help with getting control of your own AWS cloud costs, our latest article explores AWS cost optimisation in-depth and provides detailed guidance for solving these challenges.