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AWS subscription management- it's more than just looking at the AWS bill

When it comes to reducing AWS costs it's easy to focus on reducing your AWS bill, and miss the other things you ned to do. While cost control and optimisation are needed as part of your AWS subscription management, it's important to know that there are other areas to consider, which we'll go over below.

One critical aspect of AWS subscription management is infrastructure management. As your AWS deployment grows, it's essential to check that you're using the right infrastructure for your needs. This includes choosing the right instance types, setting up auto-scaling groups, and checking as new SKUs become avialable. AWS offers tools such as Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation to help manage infrastructure.


AWS Cost optimization is, of course, a key aspect of AWS subscription management. There are many ways to optimize costs in AWS, including using reserved instances, leveraging spot instances, and setting up cost allocation and tagging strategies. AWS offers tools such as AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets to help manage costs.

In addition to these areas, AWS subscription management also includes security management. AWS offers tools such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Security Hub to help manage security.

To effectively manage all of your AWS resources, it's important to have a central view of your cloud footprint. If you have multiple cloud deployments across regions then using a third-party tool like CloudOps to provide a management view becomes really important.

It's also essential to have a comprehensive strategy in place for AWS subscription management. This includes understanding your business needs and requirements, setting up policies and procedures for managing AWS usage, and regularly reviewing and optimizing your AWS environment.

In conclusion, AWS subscription management is more than just looking at the AWS bill. It includes managing licenses, infrastructure, cost and security.

To effectively manage your AWS usage, it's essential to have a centralized view of your AWS resources and a comprehensive strategy in place. At IG we can help. Our UK based consultancy team will be there when needed, but you also get CloudOps. CloudOps will give you a centralised view of your cloud estate across AWS & Azure and flag compliance, cost and security issues. 

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