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Streamline Your Cloud Operations with IG CloudOps: UK Based Datadog Partner

A reliable and knowledgeable Datadog partner can make all the difference for your cloud operations. We have over 50+ years of AWS & Azure knowledge in our team and we have been working with Datadog's tools since 2016. 

As a UK-based Datadog partner, specialising in AWS and Azure, we offer a unique combination of expertise and experience that makes us an excellent choice for businesses looking to leverage cloud solutions to their fullest potential.

Here are some of the reasons why IG CloudOps is an excellent choice for your Datadog partner:

1. UK-Based (With offices in the North-West and London)

With IG CloudOps being UK-based, we can provide cloud consultancy services to your business for the full lifecycle of the cloud and extend your in-house team as required. We offer a range of services for AWS and for Azure

2. Datadog Partner

IG CloudOps is a proud partner of Datadog, a cloud monitoring platform that helps businesses gain insights into their cloud infrastructure, applications and logs. As a Datadog partner, IG CloudOps has access to the latest tools and technologies that enable us to provide businesses with comprehensive and proactive monitoring solutions.

With Datadog, businesses can gain insights into their cloud infrastructure and applications' performance, identify potential issues before they become critical and make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights. As a Datadog partner, IG CloudOps is uniquely positioned to help businesses leverage this powerful tool to its fullest potential.

3. AWS and Azure Partner

In addition to being a Datadog partner, IG CloudOps is also an AWS partner and Azure partner. This means that we have extensive experience in designing, deploying and managing cloud solutions on these two popular platforms.

Whether businesses are looking to migrate to the cloud, optimize their existing cloud infrastructure or improve their cloud security, IG CloudOps can provide the expertise needed to achieve their goals. With their deep knowledge of both AWS and Azure, they can help businesses choose the right platform for their needs and ensure that their cloud solutions are optimized for performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

4. Datadog consultants

At IG CloudOps we have been working with the Datadog tools since 2016, and our consultancy teams know the Datadgo technology stack well. 

We are able to provide consultancy services for AWS and Azure and also provide assistance for the Datadog tools. We can help extend your in-house team with the knowledge they need for architecture, deployment, troubleshooting etc...


By partnering with IG CloudOps, you can benefit from a single point of contact for all your cloud-related needs, ensuring that your cloud solutions are always up-to-date, secure and optimised for performance.

To find out more about how we can help as a Datadog partner then review our partner overview and find out how we help customers

Or get in touch and speak to us today and find out if we can help

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