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What are your options as Rackspace support suffers amidst offshoring and layoffs?

Rackspace Technology is a company that provides cloud-based hosting and other services. Recently, they have been in the news for layoffs and offshoring of their support staff. This has caused a lot of concern among customers who rely on Rackspace for their cloud hosting and other needs. While the company insists that its cloud support will not be affected, many customers are not convinced. A quick search online will lead you to many articles about layoffs and their impact on customer service.

As of 15/7/2022, their share price has slipped from an initial IPO offering or around $21 a share to $6.23 a share.

Impact on Rackspace Support

The offshoring of Rackspace's support team has led to longer wait times for customer assistance. In some cases, customers have been waiting for prolonged periods to get a response from Rackspace support. This is unacceptable for businesses relying on Rackspace for their cloud hosting & support needs.

The company needs to do something to improve its customer support, or it will continue to lose business to its competitors. Rackspace needs to invest in its support team and make sure that its customers are getting the assistance they need in a timely manner. Otherwise, Rackspace will continue to suffer from the negative publicity surrounding its recent layoffs and offshoring decisions.


What are the alternatives for cloud support?

Cloud management platform CloudOps is a strong alternative to Rackspace support and it allows you to continue to use their hosting platform but manage the platform differently.

It also has considerable cost benefits over Rackspace support.

We have recently written an article which examines a customer's reasons for leaving Rackspace and how CloudOps has halved their cloud support costs and made their cloud infrastructure more stable.

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