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You need automation to have full Confidence in an AWS support partner

If your organisation doesn’t have sufficient measures in place for AWS support, you’re leaving your cloud deployments open to significant risk.

Most businesses today either rely directly on Amazon for cloud support or work with an AWS consultant as their support partner. While both these options can provide some reassurance, they’ll both leave you lacking in certain key areas. That is, unless you’re able to pay a very steep cost for the highest enterprise-grade service.

Some businesses who have adopted the cloud without a clear strategy may have even fallen into the trap of supporting their own cloud through their internal IT teams. Of course, this comes with its own long list of challenges.

But with so much complexity involved in managing and supporting a cloud environment, these common options for AWS support will often leave you exposed and vulnerable.


AWS support is more than just consultancy

If you’re running your critical applications and business processes in the cloud, you simply cannot afford any down-time, sub-par performance, or security issues.

Your organisation needs an AWS support service that will guarantee:

  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Predictability
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability

To achieve all those things, it’s necessary to seek a bespoke service tailored to your unique cloud infrastructure and business requirements. Additionally, the cloud needs round-the-clock monitoring, detailed reporting, and proactive troubleshooting.

It’s also crucial to have continual analysis and full control of your cloud environment, to optimise your usage and keep your costs down.

So, what does comprehensive, cost-effective cloud support look like today?

With that in mind, a vital element of a successful cloud service requires some form of intuitive automation technology to match the complexity and ever-changing nature of the cloud.

With business continuity on the line, you must have cloud support that can take a proactive approach to finding potential issues before they arise, rather than reactive handling of problems after they’ve occurred.

Only with advanced software and tools supporting your cloud deployments can you have absolute confidence your IT infrastructure is always running at the optimum level.

This will give you much greater peace of mind, so you can stop worrying about your cloud systems and go back to focusing on doing your job or running your business.

What should AWS support look like for you?

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