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Are You Missing this Key Component of Successful Azure Support?

If your organisation is using the Microsoft cloud without a sufficient Azure support plan in place, you’re leaving yourself exposed.


When it comes to cloud support today, most businesses either depend on Microsoft directly or enlist the help of an Azure consultant as their Microsoft support partner. Unless you’re able to pay a very steep cost for the highest enterprise-grade service though, both these options will be lacking in certain key areas.

Some businesses may have even fallen into managing and supporting their Azure cloud with their own internal IT teams, which comes with its own long list of challenges.

So, with so much complexity and unfamiliarity involved with the cloud, how can you find an Azure support plan which includes the monitoring and auditing required on an ongoing basis.

Azure support is more than just consultancy

When your critical applications and business processes are in Azure, you can’t afford any downtime, performance bottlenecks, or security issues.

You need an Azure support service that will give you:

  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Predictability
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability

To achieve these things, it’s best to find a bespoke service tailored to your unique business requirements and Azure infrastructure. It’s also necessary to ensure you have 24-7 monitoring and reporting, as well as proactive troubleshooting.

Azure support extends beyond traditional consultancy, evolving into a comprehensive cloud management system that can make a substantial difference for businesses. In the context of IG CloudOps, our Azure support services go beyond providing advice; they encompass a holistic approach to optimise and streamline cloud resources.

A robust cloud management system, tailored to Azure, enables efficient provisioning, monitoring, and scaling of resources. This proactive management approach ensures that applications run smoothly, with optimized performance and cost-effectiveness. Automation features within the system simplify routine tasks, enhancing operational efficiency for IG CloudOps and our clients.

Additionally, real-time monitoring and analytics empower the identification of potential issues before they impact performance, reinforcing the reliability and resilience of cloud environments. In essence, a well-implemented cloud management system tailored to Azure, as facilitated by IG CloudOps, becomes an invaluable asset for businesses seeking a seamless and optimized cloud experience.

So, what does comprehensive, cost-effective Azure support really look like today?

A key element of a successful cloud service must involve some form of intuitive automation technology to keep up with the complex, ever-changing nature of the cloud.

You need tools and technologies that can discover potential issues before they arise, rather than reactively handling them after they’ve already occurred. This is essential if you hope to maintain business continuity with your cloud-based applications.

Only then will you gain total confidence that your cloud infrastructure is always running at the optimum level. This will give you the absolute peace of mind you deserve, meaning you can stop worrying about your IT systems and focus entirely on doing your job.

What should Azure support look like for you?

We’ve explored the topic of Azure support in great detail in a recent article, assessing all the available choices and comparing each of their pros and cons.

If you’d like to learn more about which option for Azure support is best suited to your unique organisation, read the article here.