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Achieving Full-Stack Observability with IG CloudOps: A Complete Approach

If you are running infrastructure in AWS or Azure then it seems pretty obvious that as a CEO or IT Manager then you would want to full-stack observability. But most cloud teams only have elements of this provided by the cloud provider.

Ensuring the optimal performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of your AWS or Azure workloads is clearly a priority, so how can we help you achieve this?

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At IG CloudOps, we understand the significance of full-stack observability, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution that combines our global reach, expert support, and advanced cloud management platform. Here's why choosing IG CloudOps for your observability needs can propel your team towards greater efficiency and success.

Global Reach and Expertise

With IG CloudOps, you benefit from our global reach, and experience of hundreds of AWS & Azure implementations, regardless of geographical location. Our team offers support and consultancy for AWS & Azure based on their 50+ years of collective experience.

We also look after cloud deployments across the world and have customers in 8 countries. Our experts are equipped to optimise your cloud environment for performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

CloudOps: Your Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Central to our observability solution is CloudOps, our cutting-edge cloud management platform designed to provide comprehensive coverage across the three pillars of observability: application level monitoring, full environment monitoring, and security auditing.

  1. Application Level Monitoring: Keeping an eye on your applications is crucial. With the help of Prometheus, a widely-used monitoring tool, we help you understand how well your applications are doing. We look at important things like how fast they respond, how often errors occur, and how much resources they use. This helps us identify problems early and respond.
  2. Full Environment Monitoring: With Zabbix at the helm, our solution enables you to monitor your entire environment, from infrastructure components to cloud services, in real-time. By connecting to AWS and Azure native APIs, we provide live visibility into your cloud resources, enabling your team to detect anomalies, track trends, and make informed decisions to optimise resource utilisation and mitigate risks.

  3. Security Auditing and Monitoring: Security is a top priority in today's threat landscape, which is why our observability solution includes robust security auditing and monitoring capabilities. From application-level penetration testing to environment security audits and risk registers, we help you identify vulnerabilities, enforce compliance, and safeguard your data against changing threats.

Performance vs. Cost Optimisation

Besides offering thorough observability features, we know it's crucial to balance performance with saving money. With CloudOps, we analyse costs and suggest optimised resource usage without sacrificing performance or security. With real-time insights, you can keep your spending in check while meeting your business needs.

In summary, having full-stack observability is crucial for businesses in today's digital world. With IG CloudOps, you get a complete solution that offers global coverage, expert help, and advanced tech. It gives you clear visibility, control, and saves money across your cloud setup. Whether you're a small start-up or a big company, our solution fits your needs, helping you innovate, grow faster, and stay competitive.

To find out more get in touch with us and speak to a cloud expert today.

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