UK based Prometheus experts

We have been working with Prometheus since 2015 and our team has the expertise you need. 

We have integrated Prometheus into our cloud management platform (CloudOps). This allows you to add full stack monitoring to your cloud infrastructure as a turn key service. 

We are Prometheus experts and we can help you get the analytics you need to keep your custom applications on track. 

What does Prometheus do?

Prometheus is an Open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. 

Used by DevOps teams and Operations teams to get data about how their applications are performing and being utilised to make informed decisions about future fixes, upgrades and roadmap decisions. 

Prometheus application monitoring plays a pivotal role in empowering DevOps teams by providing a robust and comprehensive solution for observing, alerting, and troubleshooting applications in cloud environments.

For IG CloudOps, leveraging Prometheus within AWS and Azure ecosystems enhances the efficiency of resource management. With its powerful querying language, time-series data collection, and seamless integration with cloud platforms, Prometheus enables real-time visibility into the performance of applications and infrastructure.

This level of insight allows DevOps teams to proactively identify and address issues, ensuring optimal system performance and reliability. The platform's alerting capabilities further streamline incident response, facilitating rapid resolution of potential disruptions. Ultimately, Prometheus contributes to IG CloudOps' commitment to delivering a top-tier cloud management experience, as a trusted consultancy for the AWS and Azure platforms.

"In the last few years, Prometheus has appeared as a bespoke standard for application metrics and monitoring." 

Garry Forsyth - Product Director

Prometheus consultancy experts

Standalone open source project driven by a very active developer community

Prometheus's main features are:

  • a multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs
  • PromQL, a flexible query language to leverage this dimensionality
  • no reliance on distributed storage; single server nodes are autonomous
  • targets are discovered via service discovery or static configuration
  • Hundreds of plugins for different types of applications

What are metrics?

metrics are numeric measurements. Time series means that changes are recorded over time.

This means that the 'metrics' can be what-ever is required by your application. If you are a development team then you can define a set of custom metrics that are relevant to your app or you can inherit a set of standard metrics for known application types such as web applications. 

How do we work with you?

We provide Prometheus as a turn-key service with full integration with our cloud management platform CloudOps. We have the knowledge built over many years of both Prometheus and the AWS & Azure platforms.

This means Prometheus is hosted as part of your CloudOps service and once you enable it for your applications, you get all the features of a unified cloud management platform as well as application-level monitoring included.

We will help you select the right plugin or help your development team with the link up so you can get full stack monitoring in AWS & Azure. From cloud provider infrastructure to the workings of your applications, see what is happening at every level of your cloud deployments.

Why choose IG CloudOps as your cloud management partner?

We understand the challenges your business faces. Your cloud infrastructure is at the heart of your business and getting visibility and control of performance and costs is key. As your cloud management partner, we can work with you to optimise your set up and troubleshoot any issues. 

With IG CloudOps as part of your team, we deliver an always-on cloud management solution which ensures infrastructure performance, reduces costs and is ready to meet your future challenges. We bring together all the functions, processes and features you need from a cloud support relationship proactively supporting your business and bolting into your in-house team.

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What do our customers say?



"Moving our cloud resources over to IG CloudOps was our main initial concern, but their skill and regular communication ensured the process went smoothly."

Tom Gullen



“IG CloudOps had the knowledge and expertise we needed and they were able to demonstrate how they would support our development team quickly and efficiently through their cloud management platform, CloudOps.”

Steve Stringer
Software Architect at Oak Software

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