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CloudOps: A New Relic Alternative for Cloud Management in AWS & Azure

If you are looking for a New Relic alternative for cloud management in AWS & Azure, then CloudOps is the answer for you. CloudOps is a comprehensive monitoring and management platform that provides visibility into performance across AWS & Azure clouds.

CloudOps provides detailed insights into cloud resources, so you can optimize performance and improve utilization. CloudOps also offers a wide range of features to automate management tasks, such as provisioning, scaling, and patching. With CloudOps, you can manage your cloud deployments more efficiently and effectively.


New Relic looks at application performance monitoring with a focus on the full stack the application is operating in. Whereas CloudOps is a unified cloud management solution that is plug and play with AWS and Azure.

CloudOps has several core areas:

  • Cost & performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Always on support and fault resolution - including 24/7 outage support
  • Auditing & risk registers
  • Expert support & advisory allowance
  • Dashboards, monitors & alerts


CloudOps gives real-time and historic monitoring and cost information for your cloud deployments across cloud providers and regions. This also includes cost reduction recommendations, scaling recommendations and cost reviews as part of your CloudOps agreement.


CloudOps also has a very different pricing model which starts with a free version and moves up to essentials / professional with bundled support and advisory services.

  • Starter - try it for free includes live cost data reporting
  • CloudOps - Software only or with support bolt-on - Speak to us and find out more
  • Essentials / Professional - Bundled support and advisory allowances

For a more in-depth comparison of CloudOps as a New Relic alternative then please read our article on the subject.

If you need a New Relic partner then have a look at our partner credentials.

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