New Relic Alternatives: Is CloudOps an Alternative To New Relic?


An overview of New Relic and a look at how CloudOps compares and if it's a good New Relic alternative for certain organisations.

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Who Is New Relic?

New Relic is a privately held company, founded in 2008 by Lew Cirne. New Relic offers software analytics that provides performance analysis software for web applications. Their products are used by organisations to monitor application performance, identify bottlenecks and problems, and help improve the end-user experience. New Relic has over 5,000 customers, including large companies such as Disney, Airbnb, and Walmart.

What is New Relic monitoring & what is New Relic used for?

New Relic is a popular choice for organisations that need to closely monitor their web application performance. New Relic has been recognised as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Application Performance Management, Q3 2016 report.

The New Relic platform is directed at monitoring, debugging and improving the entire stack of an application.

This includes capabilities for:

  • Full stack monitoring (Application monitoring (APM) / Infrastructure monitoring / Kubernetes & Pixie / Log management / Network, Browser, mobile, synthetic serverless & model performance monitoring
  • Observability (CodeStream / Error tracking / Vulnerability management / Explorer / AIOps)
  • Data ingest & insights (Integrations / Dashboards / Alerts / OpenTelemetry)

It is marketed as a set of over 16 tools in one from application performance monitoring to full-stack monitoring.


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New CEO impact

On the 1st July 2021, New Relic announced that a new CEO would be appointed. The new CEO was Bill Staples and he is described as an industry veteran. It is hoped that he can bring a new approach to the company which has been struggling for growth and customer acquisition compared to its competitors.

The previous CEO Lew Cirne had scolded employees and said, "that the company needed to urgently get back on track" - June 2020.

In a letter to employees the previous CEO stated:

“Our growth rate is far behind that of our competitors, and also behind the growth rates of the cloud providers,” Cirne wrote. “History has not been kind to technology companies who do not continue to grow. Technology companies either grow or they die. There is no middle option.”

Alternatives to New Relic such as Splunk, AppDynamics and others are all showing larger growth and customer acquisition numbers.

What is happening with the New Relic share price?

The New Relic share price has had significant volatility over the past year, with a few dips along the way. As of writing, New Relic is trading at around $62 per share, which is significantly higher than its IPO price of $26 per share.

What are the headwinds that are weighing on New Relic?

The headwinds that are currently impacting New Relic include the general slowdown in the tech sector, as well as New Relic's aggressive growth strategy. New Relic is investing heavily in sales and marketing, which is impacting its bottom line. Additionally, New Relic faces increasing competition from companies such as Splunk and AppDynamics.

New Relic commercial model

New Relic offers both a free and paid subscription which provides application performance management (APM) data to customers.

New Relic pricing is available on its website, but only for certain plans, but its example pricing calculation is based on how much data you ingest and how many users you have. There are then three basic plans Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Standard as the starter includes a free allowance of some data and users to trial the software.

CloudOps a New Relic Alternative for application performance monitoring?

New Relic is a popular choice for organisations that need application performance monitoring. However, New Relic is expensive and for many organisations overkill for what they actually need. There are quite a few alternatives to New Relic and they are facing increasing competition from companies such as Splunk and AppDynamics where your focus is application performance monitoring.

New Relic goes down into monitoring your applications to provide things like root cause for errors, network monitoring and other telemetry data and analysis.

CloudOps offers a good alternative to New Relic for those who are looking for an affordable solution that provides cloud management. CloudOps offers application performance management, server monitoring, risk registers and cost breakdowns and recommendations. Additionally, CloudOps has a free trial which makes it accessible to more organisations and is not based on data limits.

Conclusion: CloudOps vs New Relic

It really depends on what you're monitoring and what your observability goals are for your cloud infrastructure. Are you looking for a set of tools that will let you get down to the code level (New Relic) or a cloud management platform (CloudOps) that will allow you to monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure?

If you need full stack application performance monitoring for your custom applications then New Relic is probably a strong candidate. However, if you are looking for cloud management software that is plug and play with AWS and Azure that has bundled support and advisory services then CloudOps is probably a better choice.

CloudOps has a different goal than New Relic, in that it is meant to accelerate your cloud adoption and give you concrete recommendations to improve your cloud infrastructure's reliability and streamline cost. CloudOps is a cloud management platform with infrastructure monitoring for the cloud vs New Relic which focuses on monitoring your application and the full stack it operates in.

New Relics set of tools is meant to provide a lot of data insight as an application monitoring tool and processes that data. This then gives you observability down to the code level of your application and records data about errors.

If you are looking for a cloud management solution then CloudOps can help, speak to us about a test drive and see what CloudOps can do for your cloud deployments.

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