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CloudOps Round up 2021 - Updates and enhancements

As the CloudOps product director at IG CloudOps I will be letting you know about CloudOps updates as we release them. Below is the update from December 2021 which included Q4 updates to the CloudOps software

In this release, we focused on adding and improving the CloudOps Service Performance information available through the portal and added new Cost Control functionality which provides live costing insights along with the usual performance improvements and fixes.

  • Live Cost Insights New Feature

A new Live Costs page has been added to the Cost Control area and an overview widget on the home page for quick reference purposes. Live Costs provides insights into your cloud spend and the breakdown of each resource in pseudo real-time with a maximum delay of 5 minutes. This version supports the insights for Virtual Machines (VMs) compute; however this is just the beginning and we plan to extend this in future releases for other cloud resource types.

  • Service PerformanceImprovement

A new Product Summary widget has been added to the Performance page within the Service area which displays the details about your CloudOps Product such as the start date, minimum term and your key contacts. Additionally, a new SLAs widget has been added which will be replacing the metrics originally included on the Service Performance widget with more detailed metrics which include your personal CloudOps Product targets along with a RAG (red / Amber / Green) traffic light system to highlight any short-comings.

  • Account Meeting Rollup Improvement

Meetings with your Account Manager are taking on a new look via a new Customer Dashboard which will include the performance metrics included in this release along with additional information such as actions/tasks including status from your previous meetings and any out-of-meeting long term requests/objectives.

If you want more information about our CloudOps software then please take a look at our product features and functions overview.