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Demystifying AWS: Why Your Business Needs an AWS Consultant

The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

Unless you want to recruit an AWS infrastructure manager and have the pain and expense of doing so, an AWS consultant can be a good alternative.


Each of the services in AWS has intricate configurations, deployment options, and security considerations. This is where an AWS consultant comes in - to remove the trial and error of AWS deployments and guide businesses through the process or fix issues quickly.

One of the primary reasons your company needs an AWS expert is to ensure AWS works. AWS provides a wide range of services and pricing methods, and it's easy to overspend or underuse available resources without sufficient knowledge. An AWS expert can examine your company's needs, create a cost-effective architecture, and provide ongoing monitoring and optimisation to ensure you get the most out of your AWS investment.

Moreover, an AWS consultant can help provide the knowledge your team doesn't have. AWS is constantly introducing new services and rolling out updates or retiring older versions, making it difficult to keep up with the newest developments. An experienced AWS consultant stays current on the newest releases, best practise, and service offerings, and can provide important insights and recommendations customised to your requirements.

When it comes to AWS security and compliance, AWS offers a robust framework, but it requires proper configuration and management to ensure the highest levels of security. An AWS consultant can assist in implementing security best practices, setting up encryption, managing access controls, and establishing backup and disaster recovery strategies. By leveraging the expertise of an AWS consultant, you can enhance your security posture and protect your business-critical data and applications.

In conclusion, demystifying AWS and realizing its full potential requires the expertise of an AWS consultant or team of consultants. So if you're searching for an experienced AWS consulting team to help you overcome your AWS issues, then please consider us.

Don't let the complexities of AWS hold your business back. Reach out to IG CloudOps today and unlock the true power of AWS for your organization.

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