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Do AWS Consultants Provide Enough Support in Today’s Cloud Landscape?

What do you do when you have a problem with your AWS cloud infrastructure and need help troubleshooting or require some technical support?

For example, say you’re having issues with your cloud performance against its scalability. Every time a certain AWS application hits peak with too much activity, the performance struggles and you lose business continuity.

Or, maybe, each time your usage and performance fluctuate, your costs begin to sky-rocket and you don’t know how to keep them at bay.

Most organisations rely on AWS consultants in these situations. You have a problem, so you hire an expert consultant to solve it as a one-time engagement. 


Of course, there is a significant risk here. As soon as they leave, the problem will inevitably come up again and you’re back to square one. Or, worse, changes will occur with the platform and the work they’ve done is no longer sufficient.

Working with a temporary AWS consultant is a common approach for many businesses when it comes to cloud support, troubleshooting, and everything else from architecture to integration. However, bringing in a consultant to support you with your AWS infrastructure will inevitably lead to additional challenges.

Your AWS cloud is highly complex, involving a vast number of moving parts and going through constant change. The nature of cloud technology is highly flexible and dynamic, so a one-off consultancy project won’t be able to deliver the continual ongoing service that’s vital to a successful cloud strategy.

To have the level of confidence you need in your cloud, and the certainty it will continue to run as expected, you need more than just a consultant.

You need a reliable, always-available partner taking care of your business’s critical IT systems with no hidden costs attached, empowered with automated technology to keep up with your volatile cloud environment.

In a recent in-depth article, we explore the AWS consultancy model, and the challenges it causes for many businesses, in great detail. Read our article here to learn more and ensure you avoid these common pitfalls.