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Exploring a New Relic Alternative: What can a partner do for you?

Businesses are reliant on performance monitoring and analytics solutions in today's technologically advanced environment to guarantee the best performance of their infrastructure and applications. Even if New Relic has been a well-liked option, looking into alternatives can result in better capabilities and lower costs. 


However, it's important to work with a specialist who is familiar with the platform's quirks while implementing new solutions. We will discuss the importance of having a partner who is knowledgeable about the performance monitoring alternative you have chosen in this blog post.

Why Consider a New Relic Alternative?

While New Relic has been widely adopted, there are various reasons why businesses seek alternatives. These range from cost considerations and specialised functionalities to scalability requirements and dissatisfaction with specific features. By exploring alternative solutions, organisations can find a product that better aligns with their unique needs and goals. However, embarking on this journey without the guidance of a knowledgeable partner can be challenging and potentially lead to ineffective implementation and utilization.


The Benefits of an Expert Partner

Having a skilled partner on your side can make a big difference when switching to a new performance monitoring and analytics platform. Such a partner has in-depth knowledge and experience in the selected option, enabling them to offer insightful opinions and suggestions that are specific to your company's needs. They can help ensure seamless interaction with your current infrastructure, evaluate and choose the best alternative, and facilitate a smooth transition.

Platform Expertise and Technical Guidance

A knowledgeable partner brings extensive platform expertise to the table. They possess a deep understanding of the alternative solution's capabilities, limitations, and best practices. Their technical guidance can help businesses make informed decisions, optimize configurations, and leverage advanced features that maximize the value of the chosen alternative. Additionally, they can offer troubleshooting assistance, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

Customisation and Tailored Solutions

Partnering with experts familiar with the alternative platform allows organizations to customize and tailor the solution to their specific needs. These partners can identify and configure the most relevant metrics, alerts, and reports that align with the organization's goals and KPIs. With their expertise, they can provide insights on configuring dashboards and visualizations that present actionable data in a meaningful way, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive improvements.

Seamless Integration and Migration Support

Integrating a new performance monitoring and analytics platform with existing systems and applications can be complex. However, a knowledgeable partner can streamline this process by providing integration support and ensuring compatibility between the chosen alternative and your technology stack. They can assist with data migration, establishing data pipelines, and maintaining data integrity throughout the transition. With their guidance, businesses can minimize disruption and ensure a seamless integration that delivers accurate and timely performance insights.

Potential next steps

When exploring a New Relic alternative for performance monitoring and analytics, partnering with an expert is paramount. With our platform expertise, technical guidance, and integration support, IG CloudOps can be the partner you need to empower you to optimise your performance monitoring strategies effectively.

By leveraging our team's expertise in both cloud providers and cloud management platforms you can improve the stability of your cloud infrastructure and save money. 

To find out more about our expertise as a partner you can read more about New Relic here

Or for our partner details for AWS here or Microsoft Azure here


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