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Diversifying Your AWS Monitoring Strategy: A Look at New Relic Alternatives

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cloud computing, managing your AWS infrastructure effectively is important to ensure seamless operations, cost efficiency, and robust security.

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New Relic established itself as an AWS monitoring solution but is it time to look for a New Relic Alternative? 

While AWS also offers its own set of monitoring tools, exploring alternatives to both can often provide a more comprehensive solution that goes beyond the basics.

One such alternative that stands out is CloudOps a platform that not only offers monitoring but a suite of features designed to enhance your cloud management options as an admin from one central place.

The Landscape of AWS Monitoring

AWS provides a range of monitoring tools like Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config. All of these tools work seamlessly with AWS and provide deep insights into your infrastructure's performance and health. But you have to set them up and maintain them as you also maintain your AWS deployments, unlike a turn-key cloud management platform.

New Relic Alternative?

New Relic is a reliable monitoring tool for AWS deployments. Offering dashboards, alerts and integration into other tools, it allows you to get a view of your cloud infrastructure and then dig into problems and get alerts before things go wrong, or respond quickly when they do. At IG CloudOps, we have worked with New Relic's platform and have experience extending and implementing AWS monitoring.

The Need for Comprehensive Cloud Management

While native AWS monitoring options are valuable, they primarily focus on tracking basic metrics and providing alerts. Managing a cloud environment involves more than just monitoring server metrics. It includes understanding the costs associated with your resources, ensuring security compliance, optimising usage, and having access to expert support when needed.

This is where CloudOps shines as a New Relic alternative. CloudOps is not just a monitoring tool; it's a comprehensive cloud management platform that offers a holistic approach to managing your AWS deployments.

CloudOps: Beyond Monitoring

  1. Monitoring: CloudOps provides advanced monitoring capabilities that allow you to track various metrics and performance indicators. You can set up custom alerts and visualise data through interactive dashboards, enabling you to identify bottlenecks and optimise your resources effectively.

  2. Cost Management: CloudOps goes beyond basic cost tracking. It offers in-depth cost analysis, resource utilisation insights, and cost optimisation recommendations. This feature alone can save you significant amounts of money by identifying areas where resources can be rightsized or decommissioned.

  3. Support from AWS Experts: CloudOps offers access to a team of experienced AWS experts based in the UK who can provide guidance, troubleshoot problems, and help you make the most of your AWS resources.

  4. Security Audits: CloudOps includes AWS security audit capabilities that assess your environment against AWS best practices and compliance standards, identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting remediation actions.

  5. Application Level Penetration Testing: For organisations concerned about application security, CloudOps goes a step further by offering application-level penetration testing. This feature helps identify potential vulnerabilities in your applications and provides actionable recommendations to strengthen your security posture.

Embracing a Comprehensive Approach

In the era of digital transformation, managing your cloud infrastructure requires a holistic approach that goes beyond basic monitoring. While AWS native tools provide a solid foundation, the enhanced capabilities offered by CloudOps from IG CloudOps can make a significant difference in your cloud management strategy.

You can streamline your operations, reduce expenses, improve security, and make use of the knowledge of AWS specialists by expanding your AWS monitoring strategy with CloudOps, all on a single platform.It simplifies your management processes and enables you to make data-driven decisions with the relevant information highlighted for you.


In conclusion, while New Relic and AWS native monitoring tools have their merits, considering alternatives that offer a more comprehensive set of features can greatly improve your cloud management experience.

CloudOps from IG CloudOps exemplifies the evolution of cloud management platforms, integrating monitoring, cost management, expert support, security audits, and application-level penetration testing into one cohesive solution. By embracing such alternatives, you position your organisation for success in the evolving AWS landscape.

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