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From Deployment to Monitoring: Mastering AWS Management Services

At the core of AWS Management Services lies the ability to automate and manage infrastructure deployment. With services like AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Beanstalk, businesses can easily provision and deploy their applications and resources, reducing the time and effort required for setup.


These services provide templates and frameworks that enable businesses to define their infrastructure as code, ensuring consistent and reproducible deployments across multiple environments.

Once the infrastructure is in place, AWS Management Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools for monitoring and managing the deployed resources. Amazon CloudWatch, for instance, allows businesses to gain insights into the health and performance of their applications and infrastructure through customisable dashboards, real-time monitoring, and automated alarms. This empowers you or your team to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact the end-user experience, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Additionally, AWS Management Services offer significant logging capabilities via AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch Logs. Businesses can track and audit actions taken inside their AWS environment thanks to these services, which record and store logs and event data. This data can then be used to solve problems, look into security events, and guarantee regulatory compliance.

To truly master AWS Management Services, organizations should also consider implementing a cloud management platform. This is often a third-party offering that brings together disparate tools and functions into one area that can be shared within the business and with external parties without giving users access to the native AWS portal. A cloud management platform like CloudOps can do all of this and extend your in-house team with expertise and knowledge as required as well.

CloudOps is also Plug & Play for AWS and Azure, this means that when you have multiple deployments across multiple regions or providers you can roll them all up into one dashboard. 

Overall this can have several benefits, to see what CloudOps can do for your team, book a test drive and find out more.

Or speak to one of our AWS experts about your cloud challenges.


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