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What are AWS Management Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing platform, offers a comprehensive suite of management services designed to help you with using the platform day to day in your business.


In this blog post, we will explore what AWS management services are and how they can benefit your team.

Understanding AWS Management Services:

AWS Management Services are a set of tools, services, and capabilities provided by Amazon to help you manage your AWS resources more efficiently. These services include provisioning, monitoring, security, automation, compliance, and other facets of cloud management. Organisations can unload operational burdens and focus on fundamental business objectives by employing these services.

Key AWS Management Services:

AWS CloudFormation:

AWS CloudFormation allows customers to utilise templates to create and manage AWS resources. It enables infrastructure as code, making resource provisioning and configuration more repeatable and automated. CloudFormation takes a declarative approach to deployment, maintaining consistency and decreasing the risk of configuration drift.

AWS CloudWatch:

AWS CloudWatch offers monitoring and observability services to track the performance and health of AWS resources and applications. It provides real-time monitoring, log analysis, and alarms, allowing users to proactively identify issues, troubleshoot, and optimize their systems for better performance and cost-efficiency.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM):

IAM is a powerful tool that allows organisations to securely manage access to AWS resources. Administrators can specify granular permissions, create user roles, and implement security rules. IAM ensures that only authorised users and apps have access to specified resources, lowering the likelihood of unauthorised access and data breaches.

AWS Systems Manager:

AWS Systems Manager simplifies operational tasks and resource management at scale. It provides a unified interface for managing instances, applying patches, automating tasks, and configuring resource policies across AWS services. With Systems Manager, organizations can streamline operations, improve security compliance, and gain better visibility into their infrastructure.

AWS Trusted Advisor:

Trusted Advisor offers automated checks and recommendations to optimise AWS infrastructure for cost, performance, security, and fault tolerance. It helps identify cost-saving opportunities, security vulnerabilities, and performance bottlenecks, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and maximize their cloud investment.

Benefits of AWS Management Services:

By leveraging AWS Management Services, organisations can gain several benefits, including:

  1. Simplified Operations: AWS Management Services automate and streamline various operational tasks, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the risk of errors.
  2. Enhanced Security: Services like IAM and Trusted Advisor help organizations strengthen their security posture by enforcing access controls, providing security recommendations, and facilitating compliance with industry standards.
  3. Improved Cost Optimisation: AWS Management Services enable businesses to monitor resource usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, and implement efficient provisioning and scaling strategies to optimize costs.
  4. Increased Scalability and Flexibility: With services like CloudFormation and Systems Manager, organisations can easily provision, manage, and scale their resources to meet changing business demands.

The other side of AWS Management Services:

The flip side of this is that these services all come at a cost, and often are variable consumption models. As well as this you have to deploy, configure and learn how to use and interpret each one. This is where an AWS partner with both professional services and cloud management software comes in.

Working with a Trusted Partner for Implementing AWS Management Services

While in-built AWS Management Services provide a comprehensive suite of tools and features, the best way to implement them effectively is by partnering with a trusted AWS consulting and managed services provider. Such a partnership not only ensures a smooth implementation process but also enables ongoing support, and optimisation, and potentially has cloud management software to meet your team's unique requirements.

By collaborating with a trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of AWS for your team and have someone to call on when something goes wrong. At IG CloudOps specialise in AWS & Azure management and services, so get in touch and let us know how we could help

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