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How IG CloudOps tailor solutions to solve cloud conundrums for ISVs

LogicMelon is an an award-winning company who developed a SaaS candidate management and recruitment system used across the world. Their business is based remotely, enabling them to hire the best people for the job no matter their location. This means that their cloud infrastructure is absolutely vital for the day-to-day running of the business, as well as for their software to work accordingly.

LogicMelon approached IG CloudOps when their existing local service provider struggled to keep up with the infrastructure they needed to develop their applications as quickly as they’d have liked to. They knew that they needed to have a more resilient solution which would be more flexible and allow them to scale up as and when required. However when they approached Microsoft to find out what could work better for them, they found there was very little support when it came to cloud migration.


Due to our extensive experience in the SaaS market, they knew that we completely understood the challenges that they faced and would have a workable solution that would put them on the right track with the cloud.

We carried out an initial assessment and identified a range of different areas which needed focus in order to reach their desired results, including performance, support and cost control. We also provided hosting for their infrastructure, giving them an increased level of flexibility with Azure, a 5% discount and additional storage and data transfer allowances, all integrated into our CloudOps.

We’re really proud of the service that we deliver to our clients, always taking the time to listen to their needs and build a plan that works perfectly for them. To find out more about how we worked with LogicMelon and the results they saw, take a look at our case study or our Azure services.Azure Consultancy Experts

Case study: LogicMelon

Maintaining performance in a cloud-based custom application.

Providing custom software for recruitment.

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