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Founded in 2009, LogicMelon has developed an award winning Software as a Service candidate management and recruitment system which delivers a range of functions for their customers including job posting, candidate analysis and insight, intuitive new employee on boarding and CRM integration.

Their applications are used throughout the World with the company operating from offices in the UK, USA and South Africa.

For the past four years, the software development team at LogicMelon has worked remotely which allows them to employ specialists in a number of countries rather than be tied to a single central office. Their cloud infrastructure is not only critical to the business to deliver their applications to customers but also so their development team can collaborate and work together effectively and efficiently.

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The Challenge

When they first deployed their SaaS candidate management systems LogicMelon were using a co-location hosting solution with a local service provider. Initially this worked well. However, as the number of users grew and they added functionality to their applications they began to have performance issues with their infrastructure which caused long outages and affected customer confidence.

LogicMelon knew that they needed to have a much more resilient cloud infrastructure which was flexible enough to grow with their business and deliver the performance their customers expected which is why they decided to look at a cloud solution.

Initially, they approached Microsoft about Azure which was the infrastructure of choice for other ISVs who were delivering applications in the cloud. They found that Microsoft offered very little support in migrating from their current co-lo solution to the cloud and traditional support providers were both expensive and did not have the knowledge and expertise LogicMelon required to ensure their move to the cloud would not affect application performance.


The Approach

LogicMelon approached IG CloudOps because they had worked with a number of SaaS providers and were able to demonstrate that they understood the challenges faced in delivering applications in the cloud.

The initial plan put forward by the IG CloudOps team was to run a cloud assessment process which would help identify the future requirements for the Azure infrastructure and how it would work with the business and applications.

LogicMelon had a clear understanding of their requirements and they shared this with the IG CloudOps consultants so together they were able to quickly move onto planning the future infrastructure.

The assessment and infrastructure planning process identified a number of key factors which would have to be considered in building and configuring the Azure architecture including:

  • Performance - LogicMelon applications were business critical and downtime had to be kept to the minimum so guaranteed uptime and performance monitoring was high on their list of requirements.
  • 24/7 support - LogicMelon customers are based all over the World in different time zones so failures and outages needed to be dealt with immediately.
  • Cost control - The infrastructure would need to grow as the number of users increased but they knew that without effective monitoring and management, costs could quickly increase.

igroup recommended installing CloudOps, their always-on cloud support and management solution, onto the Azure infrastructure. This would reduce costs and ensure optimum infrastructure performance. CloudOps could be implemented on the new Azure environment letting LogicMelon focus on delivering their applications, not managing the cloud.

In addition, IG CloudOps provided the hosting of the infrastructure which would give a high quality, flexible Azure cloud solution that guaranteed up to 5% discounts, additional storage and data transfer allowances as standard which is fully integrated with CloudOps.

By implementing the proposed solution, LogicMelon has a range of functions built into their infrastructure including:

  • Always on support, fault find and fix
  • Performance monitoring
  • Management and reporting dashboards
  • Ongoing infrastructure optimisation
  • 24/7 emergency dashboards and monitoring
  • Automated backup and security
  • On call Azure experts to support the inhouse team as required

The Results

Having demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by software developers moving applications to the cloud, IG CloudOps were selected as LogicMelon’s infrastructure management and support partner.

Because of the performance issues that LogicMelon were having with their co-lo solution and how critical their applications were to their overall business profitability, the IG CloudOps team quickly facilitated the move to the cloud including:

  • Planning and specifying the final Azure infrastructure
  • Setting up test environments for LogicMelon developers to test apps on and confirm performance
  • Build the infrastructure based on the specification
  • Plan and manage the move of data to the new infrastructure
  • Installing and configuring the CloudOps for performance, monitoring, management and cost control

The move to the cloud was completed in just under two weeks and was more than 50% cheaper than any other solution that had been proposed.

Since completing the move, LogicMelon has had significantly fewer outages of their applications due to regular monitoring and in some instances, IG CloudOps has been able to detect issues and resolve them even before users become aware of them.

To complete move to the cloud
Cloud Over 50% Cheaper than any other solution

The Future

The past few years has seen a growth with the number of users of LogicMelon applications with more and more companies turning to cloud based recruitment solutions.

Together, LogicMelon and IG CloudOps hold regular review meetings to see how costs and infrastructure performance can be improved. These meetings use the information stored in CloudOps which is made available through a series of dashboards in the system to make informed decisions for the future.

IG CloudOps consultants now work closely with the LogicMelon team providing advice and support as they develop and deploy new applications and features to the cloud.

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The Challenge

  • Outages to business critical applications affecting customer solutions
  • Little support from their existing partners
  • Cost

The Solution

  • Initial cloud assessment process
  • Implementing CloudOps to maintain performance and provide ongoing support and cost control
  • Full monitoring and maintenance for their cloud infrastructure

The Results

  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the cloud
  • Cost control as standard
  • Infrastructure delivered in 2 weeks
  • Expert support working with LogicMelon’s own inhouse developers

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