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How to make a cloud migration as pain-free as possible for ISVs

Making big decisions for any part of your business is never simple, however choosing when and how to migrate over to AWS or Azure can be one of the most complicated - even if it seems simple from the outset. There are seemingly endless decisions to be made, such as which provider to use, what your strategy should be and how to plan your budgets, and this is before you even get started on how to manage the migration between each of your different applications.

The introduction of the cloud has absolutely transformed the way that businesses work and how they have developed, with a platform that is constantly changing. There are so many benefits for companies, especially those that are looking to save money whilst also giving them the flexibility they need to evolve and grow their application.


At igroup, we’re experts in cloud migration and working closely with businesses to make sure they get the most out of moving their application. We’ve created our ‘New to the Cloud’ web series for anyone and everyone looking for help on a range of topics, from understanding the differences between AWS and Azure and the benefits of each, to how to choose a cloud partner to help you through the process and day-to-day management.

If you’re looking for help and advice on any stage of your cloud migration, you can find everything you need in this collection of articles.