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Interview with Steve Rastall - IG CloudOps' MD Explains How he Runs the Company

Steve Rastall IG CloudOps' MD Explains How he Runs the Company

How long have you worked here? Can you tell me more about your role and background?

I started igroup in 2005 having worked in various managerial and sales roles. In 2023 we rebranded as IG CloudOps.


What do you like most about working at IG CloudOps?

I love working with the team and constantly evolving to meet the demand from our customers in an ever-changing tech world.

IG CloudOps has a highly professional and collaborative team, many of whom have worked for the company for over ten years.

What kind of personality traits thrive the most at IG CloudOps?

A willingness to learn and keep evolving are key attributes for working here. Work ethic and problem-solving are clearly important skills, but another trait that is important is an employee’s coachability. Simply practising humility goes a long way.

How are accomplishments recognized?

A variety of team and individual rewards are offered at IG CloudOps. Dinners, short breaks away and experience days always go down well, whilst bonuses and beer are greatly valued too!

What is the commitment to professional development?

We provide mentoring opportunities at IG CloudOps. CPD involves a mixture of active learning through courses and workshops, passive learning via reading industry news or listening to podcasts and unstructured learning – reading publications, trade magazines, and industry books

When people make mistakes, how is that handled?

No matter how smoothly a business is being run, it isn’t immune to human error. Mistakes are an inevitable aspect of any business, but as long as you prepare accordingly, it shouldn’t cause undue stress. Employees are approached with respect and understanding. A healthy working environment encourages employees to come to me sooner if an error occurs. If something goes awry, it needs to be addressed, otherwise mistakes may be repeated.

How does management view such areas as work-life balance?

Work-life balance is extremely important. We use a mix of home and office work and the team know I will always be as flexible as possible.

What would you say are some of the biggest challenges you face here?

The biggest challenge we are currently facing is getting our fantastic CloudOps cloud management product out there. Once companies are shown CloudOps they immediately see how it brings together performance, cost monitoring, support and administration to manage their cloud and sign up

If there's one thing you could improve, what would it be?

The number of leads we get each week!

Steve Rastall is the founder and managing director of igroup CAMS

Steve Rastall

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director and Founder of IG CloudOps and I really enjoy working with customers.

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